Weary of the constant struggle and strife between those who would harm others in order to benefit themselves, a small group of companions traversed the land of Aardwolf in search of a place where hatred, greed, and desire melted away to reveal the caring reality of peace. In the farthest stretches of the globe shone a dazzling city of pure, fragile glass many meters in the sky, supported by three pillars of white and black marble. Chiseled into the enigmatic stone were the words "knowledge, wisdom, and experience." Ascending the three pillars as the pale moon spirals up towards its celestial home, the three reached the gates of the city of Tanelorn. A silver robed man with cascading aqua hair approached the group and gave them a message to recite to all those in the world below:

"The cloaked city of Tanelorn has seen the once noble people of Aardwolf turn their backs from the Three Pillars of Eternity: Knowledge, Wisdom, and Experience. They choose to struggle against their brethren for the undesirable goal of 'power.' The raping of simple values such as respect, trust, and kindness has not gone unnoticed. I wish to offer you and your own a chance to reject this horrid way of life. By embracing The Three Pillars of Eternity once more, you will be able to reach the next step in evolution; you will become, as all Tanelornians are, transcendents: people who have learned to cast off the vices of life and who have embraced the teachings of peace by following the message of the Three Pillars."

Whatever your level, class, or clan, the Society of Tanelorn always rewards those who have upheld its values, even unconsciously or incidentally. Any player may petition the Society of Tanelorn via the note boards for a gift of The Three Pillars, and if found worthy, will receive their destined gift. A player who desires entrance in the Society's ranks is encouraged to send a note to the three leaders.

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