The Order of the Bard is an ancient guild of minstrels and artisans best known for their poetry and song. Whether entertaining a crowd or a small gathering at the hearth, a Bard always has a ready story to share. Our keen ears and eyes are quick to spot the slightest inspiration and translate it into verse. But as chroniclers of history and happenings, Bards are often more of observers than participants. Though we may present a neutral face as events unfold, Bards may often allow their opinions or judgements to be heard later in song or verse. Minstrel, chronicler, historian and performance artists, Bards are always willing to share their creativity.

Anyone is welcome to apply to the Order of the Bards, providing he/she has reached at least the current minimum level of experience (see 'claninfo bard') and is actively creative. Applicant is required to provide two works showcasing his/her creative skills. If these are deemed acceptable, an applicant will be put through a series of trials. For more details see the clan web pages listed in 'claninfo bard'. Prospective applicants are encouraged to read the clan information and charter on the website before applying, to ensure they understand the clan theme.

As a neutral clan, the Order of the Bard does not participate in interclan rivalries. We have strict policies guiding combat with other clans. Bards do not PK, raid, or compete in clan wars. If you enjoy these sorts of activities, the Order is probably not the right clan for you.

For more detailed information, please see our web pages, particularly the charter. Should this help file conflict with information on the cast web pages, the web pages should be considered the authority.

For more information...

check out claninfo bard in game and see the website (other link)

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