Boot Camp

Boot Camp is, in essence, a clan made up of new players. Based on the idea of helping the Helpershelper, this clan will take in new players and help them learn until they decide to become teachers or are ready to move on to bigger and better things, while giving them a chance to learn about clan life.

We have a minor interview process for members who have not tired and a longer application process for members who have, though we autokick anyone who passes that level. This clan is meant for new people, though we do have a dedicated staff of people above that who are there to make the clan run.

Application must be made by note. To emulate the true clan joining process we have recently changed our admission policy and require at least two interviews with people over rank 5 in the clan, Application for staff must be made by note and demonstrate a strong knowledge of the Mud and a desire to help newbies.

For more information...

Type "claninfo boot" in game or visit the web site, read especially the page "Joining".

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