The Watchmen of Aardwolf

The Watchmen of Aardwolf, formed in 1997, is one of the oldest clans on Aardwolf mud.

The Watchmen of Aardwolf are a close knit group of adventurers who have
answered the call of Stendarr to help others, defend the weak and stand
against those who do wrong. Watchmen's goal is to help, guide, and advise
our fellow players to the best of our abilities, encouraging them to be

Watchmen has no requirement of any particular race, class, or gender.
Watchmen has no alignment requirements. We do not require members
to donate gold or quest points, although there is a statutory clan tax based
on gold earned via auction, sales and mob kills. Members are not required
to join committees, wars, raids or PK. All members are encouraged to
pursue their personal goals, within the constraints of our theme.

Watchmen is a PK clan and contrary to popular belief, members are permitted to
PK and raid if they so desire.

If you wish to walk tall and become a guardian and protector of the realm,
then Watchmen is the the clan you have been looking for.
Our entry requirements and application procedure can be found at our Website.

Come visit to learn more about us!

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