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Last Updated  : 2018-01-10 20:37:34.
Loner is a special flag that is added to a character which prevents them
from being recruited into other clans.  This is a good way to show that you
are not interested in joining any clan.  You will show as a Loner in who,
whois, finger, etc., as if a member of any other clan; however, Loners are
not able to take part in clan wars. Loner status does not affect PK status,
a character will need to turn on OPK in order to participate in those 

Unlike other settings on a character, Loner is not a flag to be taken
lightly; once set, it may only be removed when you tier (not remort) or 
after 1 year of real life time has passed. Removal of the Loner flag leaves 
you unclanned; you are not outcast as with other clans and do not have to 
pay any fees.

The Loner flag must be set by an Immortal (level 205 or higher).  He/she
will make certain that this choice is what you desire.  Only Lasher may
remove the Loner flag; you must post a note to him on Personal after you
are done with the tier process to have it removed.  You do not need to stay
level 1 until your loner flag is removed, however.