The Amazon Nation was wrought in a world of turmoil and war. These legendary women of lore were known for their ferocity in battle as well as their wisdom and diplomacy. The current membership of the Sisterhood is no less committed to strength and knowledge as their ancestors and still hold themselves to high and honorable ideals in battle. Knowledge and training has been passed on from generation to generation of Amazon warriors.

Although female members do not disdain men or hold personal vendetta's against them, their need for self-sufficiency from male domination drives them on. This drive also impels the members to generally extend a helping hand to any and all women seeking their aid, with little regard to their origin. The males of Amazon are chosen for strength and prowess in battle, as through them the next generation of Amazon warriors will be born, and therefore only the strongest of males are captured from the battlefield and brought into the family that is the Amazon nation. Their numbers may be few, but all are respected warriors and fiercely loyal to the Amazon Nation.

Warning: Aardwolf is a fantasy game that is meant to be fun and the Amazon Warriors are an extension of that fun. The clan is based on feminism but we realize that some players are male and have female characters. Please note that Amazon is not meant to be a safe haven from real life men, and although we have implemented rules to prevent sexist remarks about women some female characters are played by men. If you are a real life woman looking for a haven from men and a place to bash men in real life, Amazon may not be the best clan suited for you.

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