NOTE: As of September 6th 2014, Rogues is no longer an active Aardwolf clan. This helpfile exists only to preserve Rogues history.

Although originally a refuge for those seeking reconciliation for their actions as minions in the service of evil, Rogues have rallied behind Avarice to stand and challenge the corrupt. Our ultimate goal is the total annihilation of malevolence and injustice. With fiery resolve we work to uproot the wicked hiding within our society, and stake claim to everything held in possession by evil. Since we helped support them, it is our right and responsibility to attend their destruction. Some will be persuaded to abandon their dark masters for our cause, we welcome them. Those without remorse cannot truly be forgiven, and for them, it is already too late. The war has begun.

For joining requirements and other information, see 'claninfo rogues' and go to our website. Anything that can't be answered there feel free to ask a clan leader.

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