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Aardwolf helpfiles for category : Transport
Beacon of Homecoming: Mark or return to a previously visited place.
Beacon of Light : Set a point and find a return path.
Bypass : Information on the Navigator 'Bypass' ability.
Chaos Portal : Tap into chaos itself to form random portals.
Chaos Portal Types : The differences in types of chaos portals.
Chariot of Sustarre : Powerful transport spell with mgical component.
Doorway : Psionicist's ability to teleport to other players.
Enter : Command used to enter magical teleporters.
Find : Quickly find paths within an area.
GATE : Allows caster to teleport to a mob or player.
HOME : Transports you back to your home.
Hunt : Hunts down a victim within the current area.
MIST FORM : Allows movement through a room completely undetected.
MOVEMENT : How to move about the world.
NEXUS : Opens a magical two-way portal between two places.
Navigate : Navigate your way back to a particular location.
PROBABILITY TRAVEL : Allows transportation to a random location.
Pathfinding : Hunt a path back to a given target.
Portal : Opens a magical one-way portal between two targets.
RECALL : The ability to recall to Aylor from certain areas.
REUNION : Transports you to your spouse.
Run : Aardwolf's built in speedwalk command.
Runprefix : How to use 'runto' and 'runprefix'
Runto : Automatically run to an area or find location.
SPEEDWALKS : Aardwolf's built-in speedwalk system.
SUMMON : Provides the ability to summon a target to the caster.
TRANSLOCATE : Random teleportation to a room within the same area.
TRANSPORT VIA PLANTS: Allows rangers to transport between forest areas.
Teleport : Random teleportation to a room within the realm.
UNLAWFUL ENTRY : Allows a thief to move between buildings.
WORD OF RECALL : Magical transportation back to Aylor.
WRENCH : A nasty form of summon that monsters don't like!