Chaos Portal Types

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 Chaos portals and their ingredients come in several varieties.

 The chaos portal spell will not target owned (player or clan) or private
 rooms, or any room flagged noport or prison.

 Normal chaos portals (a blank chaos portal) will randomly land in any valid
 room, and will set ownership on the portal to the casting player.  If the
 target room is a continent and the caster is a Navigator, a second attempt
 will be made to target a non-continent room, unless the caster includes the
 'continent' argument when casting ("cast 'chaos portal' blank continent").

 When casting the chaos portal spell, there is a chance the live chaos
 portal will be golden (a golden chaos portal), depending on the type of
 ingredient used.  Golden chaos portals may be used during global quests,
 while normal chaos portals may not.

 The following very rare ingredients can only be used by Navigators.  They may
 appear through the use of the Crafter ability Merge Chaos, as a very random
 chance when buying an ingredient via tpspend (see 'help tpspend'), through
 the daily blessing or possibly as an Immortal prize.

 A blank chaos portal with a silvery tint will not land in a continent room.
 The 'continent' flag will be ignored when using this type of ingredient.
 Normal chances for a golden portal apply, and the portal will be owned to
 the casting player.

 A shiny platinum blank chaos portal has a 50% chance of landing in the room
 the caster is in when the spell is cast.  If the room is not valid, the spell
 will inform the caster and the ingredient will not be used.  If the chaos
 portal does not land in that room, it will not target a continent room, and
 the 'continent' flag will be ignored.  Normal chances for a golden chaos
 portal apply, and no ownership is set.

 A glittering diamond blank chaos portal will always target the room the
 caster is in.  Invalid rooms will inform the caster without expending the
 ingredient.  Diamond chaos portals will always be golden, and will not have
 ownership added.

 Only the ingredients themselves are restricted in use; once cast, the live
 chaos portal created has no class/subclass restrictions.