Help Keywords : Find Colorpaths.
Help Category : Transport.
Related Helps : Run, Runto.
Last Updated  : 2017-08-16 22:05:36.

Syntax:  find all (or find list)  : List possible destinations.
         find <keyword>           : Output path to destination.
         colorpaths               : Toggle seeing color in path output.

The 'find' command can be used to help find paths to the various points of
interest within an area.  Type 'find all' to see a list of keywords and
descriptions of these locations in the area.  'find <keyword>' will display
the path from your current room to that location, including the necessary
commands to open doors along the way.

'Find' will not work through portals or custom exits.  Currently, this
command only works in the City of Aylor and the Aylorian Academy.

You may toggle whether or not the paths display with color by using the
config option 'colorpaths'.

The 'runto' command will automatically run to any speedwalk in 'find all'.
See 'help runto' for details.