Chaos Portal

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 Help Category : Transport.
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 Last Updated  : 2019-08-06 21:38:12.

 Syntax: cast 'chaos portal' <ingredient> (continent)     (See below.)
 Spell Number: 334

 In ancient times when the world was far less stable and the Demonlord
 would often descend upon the cities of Aardwolf, an emergency escape plan
 was developed. This involved the creation of portals that could be handed
 out to the fleeing citizens of Aardwolf. Each portal would take its owner
 to a completely random location. While many had considerable misfortune in
 their destinations and were slain anyway, many others survived. The
 spreading of victims across the realm made it impossible for the Demonlord
 to slaughter everyone so at least some survived....

 Casting this spell on a blank ingredient will activate the portal and set
 a destination.  The type and destination of this portal vary depending
 upon the ingredient; see 'help chaos portal types' for an explanation, as
 well as information on the 'continent' argument available to Navigators.

 Primary stat: Wisdom.
 Affected by : Intelligence, Luck.

 If an existing chaos portal goes nowhere (due to an area being removed),
 see 'help portal replacements' for rules for replacing it.

 Blank Chaos Portals can be purchased from Ravi for trivia points, may be
 daily blessing reward, or may be purchased from other players.