Index W

Wangrp : Where to find a buddy for levelling.
Warcry : Causes damage to opponents as you charge into battle.
Warfare : Aardwolf's race/clan/class and free-for-all wars.
Warhorse : Summon a trusty steed.
Warinfo : Displays warfare stats for a character.
WARMTH : Grants the target resistance to cold based attacks.
War of the Wizards : Information on the area War of the Wizards.
Warrior : Information about the Warrior class.
Warriors Pride : Amazon V2 clan skill.
Warriors Training Ca: Information on the area Warrior's Training Camp
Warsituation : Shows current status of war in progress.
Warstatus : Shows information regarding wars.
Watchmen : Information about the Watchmen clan.
Wayfarers Caravan : Information on the area Wayfarers Caravan.
WAYFIND : Allows user to see portal destinations.
Wayward Alehouse : Information on the Wayward Alehouse area
Weaken : Reduces the strength of its victim.
Weapon Flags : Special properties weapons may acquire.
Weapons : Weapon types.
Wear : Allows a player to use wear items in their inventory.
Weather : Shows prevalent weather conditions and state of moons.
Weather Observatory : Information on the area, Weather Observatory.
WEB : Binds the victim to the spot!
Wedded Bliss : Information on the Wedded Bliss area.
WEIGHT : Quick-display carrying capacity.
Were Wood : Information on the Were Wood area.
WESTERN CONTINENT : A little story for those interested.
WHERE : Displays some details about the current area.
Whirlwind : Summons a storm of medium power.
White Flame : Brings down white flame upon the enemy.
Who : Shows the people currently playing Aardwolf.
WHOIS : Shows general information about a character.
Whoname : Customize your race/clss field in who.
Whopk : Information about the whopk commands.
Wield : Equips a weapon in your inventory ready for use.
Wiki : Player-edited Aardwolf information website.
Wildwood : Information on the Wildwood area.
WILLPOWER : Grants the target resistance to mental attacks.
WIMPY : Sets the point at which you will flee from combat.
Wind Blast : Sends wind whipping into the enemy.
Winds of Fate : Information on the epic area Winds of Fate.
Winds of Reckoning : Calls the Spiritual Wind upon the enemy.
Winterlands : Information on the area Winterlands.
Wishes : List of available wishes.
WIS : Measurement of your character's piety.
Witch : Information about the Witch subclass.
Witch's Cauldron : Information about the Witch's Cauldron minigame.
WITHER : Unnaturally ages the target.
WIZLEVELS : Quick list of required Imm levels for mortal issues.
WIZLIST : Information about the wizlist command.
Wolf Spirits : Allows a ranger to become at one with the wolves.
WOLF : Information on the Wolfen race.
WORD OF RECALL : Magical transportation back to Aylor.
World : An overview of the world of Andolor.
Wraith Form : Allows the caster to become one with the undead.
Wrath of God : Uses the power of caster's god to punish all present.
WRENCH : A nasty form of summon that monsters don't like!
Wset : Modify a weapon's damage type.
Wtype : Information on changing weapon type with trivia points.
WWW : A list of useful web resources.
Wyrm : Information on the area Wyrm and its associated goal.
Wyrm2 : Information on the Wyrm2 goal.
Wikipass : Player-edited Aardwolf information website password.
WISHLIST : Help wishname redirects to help wish.
WISHLIST : Help wishname redirects to help wish (additional).