Index V

V2 : Overview of version 2 of Aardwolf.
V3 : Aardwolf coding/redesign project.
VACCINATE : Grants resistance to disease and immunity to disease.
VAMPIRE : Information on the Vampire Races.
VENTRILOQUATE : The ancient art of throwing one's voice.
VI : Index listing for all VI Files
VI-Clients : Help for Visually Impaired Aardwolf Players - Clients
VI-Damage Types : List of damage types for 'wset' written for VI users.
VI-Summary : Help for Visually Impaired Players - Vidblain summary
VI-Tips : Help for Visually Impaired Aardwolf Players - Tips
VI-Vidblain : Help for Visually Impaired Aardwolf Players - Vidblain
VIMODE : Allows VI users to turn on multiple VI friendly flags.
VISTO : Allows you to be visible to a specific person.
VITALITY : Gives faster regeneration of movement points.
VOTEURLS : URLs - Mud Site Voting
Valgards Might : A gift from the God of War.
Vampiric Flag : These weapons offer a drained enemy's life to you.
Vampiric Touch : Allows the caster to feed off victim's life force.
Vanir : Information on the Vanir clan.
Vaults : Information on Aardwolf equipment vaults.
Veil : Information on the Ninja 'veil' abilities.
Vengeance : Brings down the vengeance of the gods.
Venomist : Information about the Venomist subclass.
Verdure Estates : Information on the area Verdure Estates.
Video : A series of videos taking you through the academy.
Visible : Allows an invisible/hidden character to become visible.
Vistells : Information on the 'vistells' option.
Voice of God : Calls the Spirit of God directly into the Cleric.
Void : The nothingness which once consumed linkdead people.
Void Sermon : Harmer spell inflicting negative damage.
Volley : Information about the volley skill.
Vorpal Flag : A vorpal weapon may instantly decapitate your victim.
Vortex : The Emerald clan skill.
Vote : In-game voting booths.
Voteadmin : Information on managing your voting booths