Index P

P : Display your prompt.
PACIFY : Gives a chance to stop all combat in the room.
PARRY : Ability to block an oncoming attack with your weapon.
PARTY HEAL : Heal one's entire party
PCHECK : Check if a given player is online/visible to you.
PEEK : Gives a chance to see target's inventory.
PICK : Thief's ability to get past most locks.
PK Ranges : Level limits on attacking other players.
PKOFF : Turns off your ability to attack other players.
PKstats : Brief summary of your current PK Status.
POBOX : PO BOX Address for donations.
POISON : Poisons the victim and reduces their strength.
PROBABILITY TRAVEL : Allows transportation to a random location.
PSYCHIC HEALING : Allows the psionicist to heal his/her wounds.
PUFF : A special little being that exists in limbo.
PURIFY : Removes poison from food and drink.
Page : Command to 'beep' another player to get their attention
Pageprompt : How to change the default pager prompt
Pagerepeat : Toggles old- vs. new-style paging prompt.
Pagesize : Change amount of text shown before page pause.
Palace of Song : Information on the Palace of Song area.
Paladin : Information about the Paladin class.
Panic : Gives a chance to cause all in the room to flee.
Party Harmony : Gives a bonus to the caster's group
Party Sanctuary : Cast sanctuary on entire party
Party Shield : Cast a shield around the entire party
Pass door : Enables the caster to pass through some closed doors.
Pass without trace : Enables the user to walk around while hidden.
Password : Used to change your password.
Path of the Believer: Information about the area 'Path of the Believer'
Pathfinding : Hunt a path back to a given target.
Pchat : Aardwolf Hold 'em table chat
Perception : Increase your intelligence!
Personal Notes : How to read personal notes.
Petrify : Information on the Witch spell, Petrify.
Pets : Information on how to buy and use pets on Aardwolf.
Pilferage : Rifle through enemies' corpses for extra gold.
Pillar of Fire : Calls forth the purifying fire.
Plains of Nulan : Information on the area Plains of Nulan'Boar.
Player Killing : Aardwolf's limited player-killing system.
Poison Flag : Poisons a weapon to weaken an opponent.
Poker : Aardwolf Texas Hold'em Poker
Poker Admin : Aardwolf Hold'em Table Master Commands
Poker Commands : Aardwolf Hold'em Poker Commands
Poker Immsponsor : Imm-Sponsored Poker Tournaments for qp/tp.
Poker Play : Playing Aard Hold'em Poker
Poker Rules : Aardwolf Hold'em Poker Rules
Poker Tourney : Aardwolf Hold'em Poker Game Variations
Policies1 : Policy information on channel etiquette.
Policies2 : Policy/Elaboration on the multiplaying rule.
Policies3 : Policy/Elaboration on the harassment rule.
Policies4 : Policy/Elaboration on the killstealing rule.
Policies5 : Policy/Elaboration in the bug abuse rule.
Policies6 : Policy/Elaboration on powerlevelling rule.
Policies7 : Policy/Elaboration on the bot playing rule.
Policies8 : Policy/Elaboration on privacy within the mud.
Policies9 : General policies regarding PK/raiding.
Pompeii : Information on the area Pompeii.
Portal : Opens a magical one-way portal between two targets.
Portal Replacements : Guidelines for replacing portals after area changes.
Potential : Information on the 'Enhanced Potential' feature.
Potsearch : Command to help find magical items with a specific spel
Poultice : Prepares a minor poultice to heal a target.
Power Grip : Allows a warrior to keep hold of their weapon.
Power Projection : Increase your attack spell effectiveness.
Power of Faith : Adds strength to the wise.
Powerup : How to gain trains as a hero or superhero.
Practice : Used to spend practice sessions to improve a skill.
Pray : Used to get Immortals' attention. Use SPARINGLY.
Pray for Absolution : Information on the Pray for Absolution spell.
Pray for Damnation : Information on the Pray for Damnation spell.
Prayer of Fortune : Call down the luck of the gods.
Preserve : Preserves fragile skinned equipment.
Pretitle : Short title that will appear before a players name.
Priest : Information about the Priest subclass.
Primary Class : Definition of the pclass notation.
Prismatic Spray : Shoot a random ray of color at the target.
Privacy : Information on privacy within Aardwolf.
Project Force : Allows caster to strike with the force of their mind.
Prompt : Describes how to customize your prompt.
Promptflags : Toggles display of flags in prompt.
Propose : Commands used to enact a marriage.
Prosper Island : Information on the Prosper Island area.
Protection Evil : Reduces the effectiveness of all evil attacks.
Protection Good : A shield of darkness to impede the pure.
Protocols : Display MUD client protocols enabled in your client.
Psionic Blast : Excite molecules to cause massive brain damage.
Psionicist : Information about the Psionicist class.
Psychic Crush : Description of the psychic crush spell.
Psychic Drain : Allows caster to drain the intelligence of their victim
Psychosis : Creates a dangerous, internal conflict in its victim.
Pure Faith : A gift of stats given from a cleric's deity.
Purgatory : Judges the foe, and finds them wanting...
Purge : Calls divine might down upon foes.
Push : Push monsters around. They don't like it too much!
Pyre : Information about the Soul Pyre clan.
Pyromania : Allows the caster to generate multiple explosions.
pill : What to do with a pill