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Last Updated : 2020-05-09 12:47:28.
Syntax: potential - Check current potential amount and costs.
potential buy - Buy a point of enhanced potential.
potential costs - See a table of costs.

Adventurers with significant experience in questing may convert some of that experience into enhancing the potential of their character. The effect of enhanced potential is that total stats can be trained higher than usual.

Enhanced potential is preserved across remorts and tiers and applies through an entire remort. For example, if you have 5 points of potential, your total max trainable stats will be whatever it would normally be plus 5. You also gain a train at remort for each point of potential you have, up to a max of 200 per remort.

The cost to increase potential is based on quest points and increases with each point of enhanced potential purchased. The first point costs just 100 quest points, but rises quickly.

Important Notes:

This feature does not give you a stat increase - it gives you an increase in the max stats that you can train. You still have to train the stats.

The increase in max that a single stat can be trained is potential divided by 6 and is rounded up.

For example, not including class bonuses, a level 100 character is able to train up to a max of 130 in a single stat, and 780 in total. If that same level 100 character has 15 points of enhanced potential, they can train up to 133 in each stat and up to 795 in total.

The absolute max of 400 in a single stat and 2400 in total still stands. The increase in individual stat max is only useful up to level 201.