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Help Category : Config.
Related Helps : Autolist, P, Promptflag.
Last Updated : 2019-10-13 15:44:14.
Syntax: prompt : Toggles prompt display.
prompt all : Resets prompt to hp/mana/moves/tnl format.
prompt <variables> : Creates custom prompt from given variables.
bprompt <variables> : Sets battle prompt visible while fighting.
p data : Show prompt data.
'prompt' with no arguments will turn your prompt on and off. 'prompt all' will reset your prompt to the default "hp mana moves tnl" prompt.

Use 'prompt' with a combination of the following to set up a custom prompt. For example, "prompt mmn q>" will show "10hp 10mn 10mv qt0>" as your prompt. Color codes ('help color') may be used in prompts; adding @w to the beginning of your prompt can help prevent color bleeding.

You may also use 'bprompt' to set a separate battle prompt with different data, which will show while engaged in combat.

'config' will display your current prompt and bprompt strings. If you are idle, your regular prompt will change to "Idle" until you return; see 'help newprompt').

Some prompt variables include additional formatting, shown in quotes.
%h : Current hit points \\ %H : Maximum hit points
%m : Current mana
%M : Maximum mana
%v : Current moves
%V : Maximum moves
") - bprompt only
%B : Display enemy health percentage value only - bprompt only
%x : Total experience \\
%X : Experience required to next level
%E : Current level
%t : Number of caught tells waiting for you
%T : Last character that sent you a tell ("(Reply: <name>)")
%g : Carried gold
%a : Current alignment value
%r : Room name - regular prompt only
%K : Displays [**> PK <**] when in a PK-flagged room.
%e : Open room exits ("NESWUD") - regular prompt only
%q : Time remaining on current quest or until next quest
%d : Minutes of double experience remaining (" Dbl: x")
%f : Poker hand information, if participating in a game
%i : Shows whether current room is considered inside / outside.

%c : Inserts a carriage return (useful for multi-line prompts)
: Display a % sign in the prompt.

The following display only when the group leader is in combat:
%l : Group leader's hit points (" Ldr: x")
The following display only when the person you are following
is in combat:
%o : HP of person you are following.
%O : HP percent of person you are following.

Immortal-only variables:
%R : Room key
%z : Area name
%W : Wizi level
%I : Incog (rinvis) level