Index L

LAY HANDS : The ability to heal with touch.
LEND HEALTH : Allows caster to lend hp to a friend in need.
LISTEN : Listen to monsters, they might know something important
LIZARD : Information on the Lizard race.
LOCK : Lock and unlock doors.
LUA : New programming system which replaces mobprogs.
LUCK : Overall random luckiness of your character.
Labyrinth : Information on the area The Labyrinth.
Lag : The scourge of the mud universe!
Land Deeds : Information about land deeds.
Land of Legend : Information on the area Land of Legend.
Laser Stats : Information on how to see player's lasertag stats.
Lasertag : Information about the lasertag system.
Lash : Information on the Inquisitor skill, 'Lash'
Lasher : The head honcho, big kahuna, guy with big red nuke butt
Lastkills : Shows a list of the last mobs killed.
Leadercommands : List of clan leader commands
Leaflet : Make money fast! (No, not a pyramid scheme.)
Learned : Used to list skill level in all skills and spells learn
Level Lock : Some areas are Level Locked
Level up : Blessing reward that grants a free level.
Levelhints : Toggle display of level-based hints.
Levitation : The psionic ability of floating in mid-air.
Lifechant : Druid skill helping the unlucky cheat death.
Light : Information about the Light clan.
Light Arrow : Generates a stream of holy light as an arrow.
Lightning Bolt : Shoots bolts of lightning from caster's fingers.
Lightning Strike : Spews multiple lightning bolts at your enemy.
Lightspeed : Gives caster the ability to move at the speed of light.
Line of Protection : Gives a very high boost to resistances.
Linkdead : Linkdead
Liquids : Liquid types available in drinkable objects.
Living Mines of Dakt: Information on the area Living Mines of Dak'tai.
Locate Animal : Allows caster to locate creatures within the realm.
Locate Corpse : Locate the corpse of a player anywhere within Aardwolf.
Locate Object : Reveals the location of artifacts within the realm.
Loner : Option to avoid clan life altogether.
Look : Displays information about a room/object/character.
Lootnext : Loot only the next mob you kill.
Loqui : Information about the Loqui clan.
Lore : Gives a chance of gaining information about an item.
Lost and Found : Lost something? Found Something? Read this!
Lottery : Gamble for a chance to win heaps of gold!
lbidformat : Fields show when using 'market list' or 'lbid'