Help Keywords : CM-Leadercommands.
Help Category : Clan Management.
Related Helps : Clanleader, Upgrades.
Last Updated  : 2017-12-19 12:38:29.

The following commands are available to clan leaders.  Commands prefixed
with a * have their own help file.

leadertalk/ltalk      - Clan-leaders-only channel.

*clantrans <player>   - Creates an owned clan portal for given player.

*clanadmin <options>  - Several options; see 'help clanadmin'.

*mlist/olist/rlist    - Lists all your clan's mobs/objects/rooms by keyword.
                        (Useful with 'clanadmin goto'; see 'help clanadmin')

*mstat/ostat*/rstat   - Shows information on a particular mob/object/room.

*exlist               - Shows all exits leading to the clan hall.  It is a
                        leader's responsibility (NOT an Imm's) to check this
                        and request removal of non-members' manor exits.
                        There is no cost to remove manor links.

findmob/mwhere        - Lists room locations of all online clan members.

* The item must be in your inventory when using the ostat command.