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Through mastery of nature, members of the Great Circle of Druids have
mastered the balance between life and death. With their clanskill
Lifechant, they are able to restore experience lost by an adventurer
when he or she dies.

Lifechant will never fail to return experience to the target. There is
a small chance that nature will not take pity however, and return only
25% of the lost amount. The Druids have learned that together their
magic is stronger, and with enough ranks present at time of casting
they can guarantee a full restore. In the right situations, they have
been known to inspire nature enough to restore more experience to the
adventurer than was lost.

[Note: Does not work if the adventurer has gained significant experience
since dying, has no-exp turned on, died with the Raider flag or left
the game between dying and the lifechant, or has been the target of a
failed Miracle.]