Clan Shops (Open)

Many clans have open halls that include one or several shops. In these shops, you may often find useful potions, armor, weapons, and other useful equipment. Many clans advertise their open clan halls in their claninfo, just type 'claninfo <clan>' to find the speedwalk. Some clans prefer not to publish the speedwalk to their open halls, and leave the discovery of said halls to exploration.

NoPK Clan shops can be of particular use to newbies and the unclanned in general - since they may not have closed equipment, they often have several open shops full of equipment.

Listing of published speedwalks to open clan halls

Amazon - run 2sd
Bard (NoPK) - run w
Boot - run u12nu2ne
Cabal - run s2u
Chaos - run su
Crimson - run 13s2w;open south;run 2s
Crusader (NoPK) - run sw
Daoine - run 2nd Doh - run 13sd
Dominion - run n2w
Dragon - run sd
Druid - run 13s4e5s2u
Emerald - run nd
Gaardian (NoPK) - run 4sw
Light - run 2s8eswnd
Loqui - run 2e
Masaki - run 2s4ese
Perdition - run 6sd
Pyre - run 2s4e3s2ed
Romani - run 10s3e5s3en
Seekers (NoPK) - run 8su
Tanelorn (NoPK) - run 8se
Tao (NoPK) - run 2s8eswnu
Touchstone (NoPK) - run 13s5en
Twinlobe - run 2neu
Vanir - run ne
Watchmen - run 6su