Index F

FAST HEALING : Regenerates hit points at an increased rate.
FINDOWNED : Searches for items owned by given player.
FINGER : Shows when a character was last on Aardwolf.
FIRE : Allows the user to build a campfire for faster healing.
FLAGS : Where to find information on various game flags.
FLEE : Gives a chance to flee when the going gets tough.
FLESH ARMOR : Allows a psionicist to harden his/her skin.
FORAGE : Allows a ranger to hunt for food and water.
FORTITUDE : A warrior's ability to withstand damage in combat.
FREEZE : Prevent logging in for a given period of time.
Facebook : Become a Fan on Facebook
Faerie Tales : Information on the area Faerie Tales.
Faerie Tales 2 : Information on the area Faerie Tales 2.
Fantasy Fields : Information on the area Fantasy Fields.
Fellchantry : Information on the Fellchantry area.
Fence : Pawn off unwanted gear on the black market.
Fifth Attack : Hit an opponent up to 5 times in one round.
Fill : Manipulates liquid in containers.
Find : Quickly find paths within an area.
Findcorpse : Lists all corpses of players on the MUD.
Finger of Death : Instantly disintegrates the victim and its corpse.
Fire Blast : The Holy Fire of your God, called upon to smite the foe
Fire Breath : Breathe fire like a dragon, damaging all in the room.
Fire Rain : Calls a rain of fire down upon your opponent.
Fire Storm : Causes a storm of fire to envelop the target.
Fireball : Hurls a flaming ball of fire at the target.
Firebird : The Realm of the Firebird goal and area info.
Fireproof : Protect objects from damage.
Flame Arrow : Creates a magical arrow of flame to strike your foe.
Flame Blade : Create a temporary blade of fire.
Flamestrike : Calls the fires of heaven against the target.
Flaming Flag : Cause additional fire damage with a weapon.
Flaming Sphere : Calls forth a blossoming Ball of Fire.
Flank : Block off a direction while in combat.
Flay : Information on the Inquisitor skill, 'Flay'
Fly : Allows the caster to fly for a while.
Focused Vision : Oracle spell allowing identification of campaign target
Follow : Allows the user to follow another character.
Followers : Shows who is following you.
Force Bolt : Creates a single bolt of pure magical force.
Forest of Lidnesh : Information on The Forest of Li'dnesh area.
Forestfire : Causes the enemy to burst into flame.
Forge : Create new items.
Forget : Forget a training session to refocus your stats.
Forgetskill : Information on the 'forgetskills' command.
Fort Terramire : Information on the Fort Terramire goal
Fortune : Information on the Crossroads of Fortune area.
Forum : Navigation of note system on Aardwolf.
Fourth Attack : Exactly what the name says!
Fractals of the Weav: Information on the Fractals of the Weave area.
Fractured Lands : Information on the Fractured Lands Goal
Free Rebuilds : Information about free rebuilds.
Frenzy : Fills the target with Holy Wrath.
Friend : Manage and communicate with friends.
Frost Flag : Chill an opponent with your weapon.
Furniture : Furniture - Is there a purpose?