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Aardwolf helpfiles for category : Rules
Advisor Policy : Guidelines for helpers/advisors to follow.
CONDUCT : Expected conduct while on Aardwolf.
Campaign Rules : Rules dealing specifically with campaigns.
Clanraidrules : Policy on PK clans / ability to raid.
Damn : Damn is not a curse word on Aardwolf. That's all.
GQuest Rules : Rules for global quest participants/ and others.
Helper CR : Helper Guidelines for Corpse Retrievals
Helper Policy : Helper Policy Guidelines
Is This Botting : Examples of what is/isn't botting.
Policies1 : Policy information on channel etiquette.
Policies2 : Policy/Elaboration on the multiplaying rule.
Policies3 : Policy/Elaboration on the harassment rule.
Policies4 : Policy/Elaboration on the killstealing rule.
Policies5 : Policy/Elaboration in the bug abuse rule.
Policies6 : Policy/Elaboration on powerlevelling rule.
Policies7 : Policy/Elaboration on the bot playing rule.
Policies8 : Policy/Elaboration on privacy within the mud.
Policies9 : General policies regarding PK/raiding.
Rules : Rules of Aardwolf that you must know and understand.
SPAM : Rules regarding excessive commands.
Stacked Commands : More information on 'stacked commands' and botting.
TRIVIA RULES : Generic rules for the Imm-run trivia contests.