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Last Updated : 2015-06-03 21:41:25.
There are several common questions that are asked regarding botting. This help file intends to answer some of these questions. Note that not being listed specifically here or in 'help botting' does not mean the action is legal- it's impossible to predict or list every possibility. If it falls close to something listed in one of these files, assume it's not allowed and ask first.


Many players consider automatic messages on (semi-)public channels spammy. Though they are allowed, you might be asked to turn them off. Also, if you use the exact same message for every event, you will likely be unable to talk on channels temporarily- even if the message is sent several minutes apart. This also applies to tells/replies. (See 'help spam'.)


Technically illegal. That has to be the official rule. The problem is nobody really cares if you save yourself some typing while you're interacting with the game and running around killing, but it's leading to too much group botting, AFK botting and they also end up being used in PK. As soon as we see you doing one of these three you're a bot. If you feel like you can make your autocasting smart enough to handle these then fine, but risk being wrong at your own peril.


IRC-style "chat bots" are allowed on private channels, provided they do not share game secrets. An automated answer that says when the three moons are up together or gives a magic 8-ball result is fine; an automatic response with directions to get past part of an area quest is not.

Clearing rooms/areas:

It is illegal to stack multiple rooms' worth of "attack monster until dead, repeat, move to next room, repeat"- see 'help stacked commands'. Trying to circumvent this rule by only stacking one room's worth of attacks and then moving to the next room via trigger is also illegal.

Daily Blessings:

Many types of daily blessing require extra interaction- kill <number> mobs or complete a quest/campaign/etc. However, some rewards are direct gifts that are a direct benefit to your character, thus illegal.