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Aardwolf helpfiles for category : Enhancement
Accelerate : The psionicist's ability to move at great speed.
Aid : Temporarily increases maximum hit points.
Augmented Healing : Increase the efficacy of healing spells.
Awakening : Grants vision and intelligence to the caster
Awareness : Grants some protection from backstab.
Berserk : The ability to enter an insane rage during combat.
Bless : Uses the god's blessing to grant combat power.
Calculation : Work the odds for better results.
Call Upon Faith : Temporarily become a champion of your god.
Cell Potential : Venomist ability to increase resilience.
Chameleon Power : Allows the caster to blend with their surroundings.
Champions Strength : Temporarily become a champion of your god.
Channel Energy : Focuses the psionicist's energy into accuracy and power
Combat Empathy : Learn more from your opponent during combat.
Combat Mind : Grants a very keen understanding of battle tactics.
Compression : Compresses the psi's body, enhancing resistances.
Creators Wisdom : An Imm-only spellup spell.
Desecration : Surrounds that caster with a dark aura of dread.
Displacement : Makes the caster appear displaced and harder to hit.
Divine Faith : Enhanced combat abilities relying on faith.
Divine Swiftness : May enhance the casters dexterity
Elemental Focus : Bring yourself into harmony with the elements.
Elemental Ward : Protect yourself from elemental damage.
Enchanters Focus : Enchanter spell helping improve some enchantments.
Energy Ball : Magically enhances a ranger's toughness.
Enhanced Backstab : Enhanced Backstab
Enhanced Damage : Highly skilled fighters can do additional damage.
Enhanced Strength : Psionicist spell giving a temporary strength boost.
Enlightenment : Grants the target divine wisdom.
Fly : Allows the caster to fly for a while.
Focused Vision : Oracle spell allowing identification of campaign target
Frenzy : Fills the target with Holy Wrath.
Gaias Focus : Selects an elemental focus for Gaia's Revenge.
Gaias Revenge : Unleash the wrath of the elements.
Giant Strength : Gives the target a temporary boost in strength.
Globe : Creates a globe of extremely powerful armor.
Godly Embrace : Wraps the caster in the embrace of his god.
Grey Aura : The ability to disguise one's alignment.
Harden Body : Toughens a mage's body to withstand damage.
Haste : A quickling's natural racial ability.
Hide : Allows a character to remain hidden.
Holy : Priest ability to avoid desecration.
Holy Aura : The Paladin's aura of faith, that protects them.
Humility : Martyr spell that grants increased experience on kills.
Insanity : Bring out the real rage within.
Instinct : Information on the instinct feature
Instinct-Trains : Information on the instinct trains.
Invis : Grants the spellcaster invisibility.
Levitation : The psionic ability of floating in mid-air.
Lightspeed : Gives caster the ability to move at the speed of light.
Line of Protection : Gives a very high boost to resistances.
Magic Circle : Casts a circle of protection
Magical Rush : Wraps a web of speed around the caster
Mass Invis : Grants your party the safety of invisibility.
Masteries : Information on the 'Masteries' feature.
Mental Barrier : Damage absorbing shield held in place by psi's will.
Miracle : Lightens the touch of the hand of the Grim Reaper
Mystic Might : Pump yourself up!
Nimble Cunning : Make yourself even more dextrous.
Party Harmony : Gives a bonus to the caster's group
Party Sanctuary : Cast sanctuary on entire party
Party Shield : Cast a shield around the entire party
Pass door : Enables the caster to pass through some closed doors.
Pass without trace : Enables the user to walk around while hidden.
Perception : Increase your intelligence!
Pilferage : Rifle through enemies' corpses for extra gold.
Potential : Information on the 'Enhanced Potential' feature.
Power Projection : Increase your attack spell effectiveness.
Power of Faith : Adds strength to the wise.
Pray for Absolution : Information on the Pray for Absolution spell.
Pray for Damnation : Information on the Pray for Damnation spell.
Prayer of Fortune : Call down the luck of the gods.
Protection Evil : Reduces the effectiveness of all evil attacks.
Protection Good : A shield of darkness to impede the pure.
Pure Faith : A gift of stats given from a cleric's deity.
Quickstab : Slice into an opponent's back with lightning speed.
Rally : A cleric can improve HR, AC, and Con.
Revelation : A cleric can improve their intellect for a short period
Righteous Anger : Summon righteous anger to destroy a foe.
Safeguard : Allows a guardian to protect another character.
Self Harmony : Slight bonus to all stats.
Serenity : Martyr spell dealing with other's anger issues.
Shadow Form : The psionic ability to blend in with the shadows.
Share Intellect : Allows a psionicist to loan their intellect to another.
Share Strength : Allows a psionicist to loan their strength to another.
Share Wisdom : Allows a psionicist to loan their wisdom to another.
Shiftys Sleight of H: Enhance yourself with godly prowess.
Sneak : Allows a character to move undetected.
Test of Faith : An extended helping hand from your deity.
Timeshifting : Manipulate time itself to recover quickly.
Totem Force : Shaman's ability to summon extra combat strength.
Totem Guidance : Shaman's ability to easily find a target.
Underwater Breathing: Allows the target to breathe underwater for a while.
Valgards Might : A gift from the God of War.
Visible : Allows an invisible/hidden character to become visible.
Wolf Spirits : Allows a ranger to become at one with the wolves.
Wraith Form : Allows the caster to become one with the undead.