Gaias Revenge

Help Keywords : 'Gaias Revenge'.
Help Category : Enhancement.
Related Helps : Gaias Focus.
Last Updated  : 2020-08-15 12:42:39.

Syntax: cast 'gaias revenge'
Spell Number: 518

This spell summons the power of the elements to aid primary-class rangers
during combat.  While under the effect of this spell, a ranger will have
the assistance of the Earth Mother herself in every battle fought.

Once this spell is cast, the player will have at least one extra attack per
round.  This attack cannot be dodged and deals damage of one of 
a few elemental damage types (air, cold, earth, electric or water) each 
round.  This damage is random, but Shamans may choose to focus on a 
particular element-see 'help gaias focus'.

This ability is automatic for the entire duration of the spell and works
regardless of room flags.  The effects of this blessing will be most
noticeable when all three moons are in the sky.

Spell available only to the Primary Class Ranger.

Primary Stat: Constitution, Wisdom.
Affected by : Luck.

Instinct Bonus: Gaias Revenge instinct will increase the damage done
                by each hit.