Regular Shops:

Aardwolf has quite a variety of shops scattered throughout the world of Andolor. Shops will include up to a handful of the following object types: Lights, Scrolls, Wands, Staffs, Drink-containers, Treasures, Armor, Potions, Food, Containers, Weapons, Boats, and Pills. When you enter a shopkeepers room, type list to see the items available for purchase. Type appraise <item_number> for specific details on each. When you are ready you will use: buy <item_number> or buy <quantity> <item_number>.

 For example (Potions Shop): Type 'list'

  Num  Level  Price    Qty  Item
  ---  -----  -------  ---  -----------------------------------
    1      0      200  ---  an empty vial

  Quantity - means unlimited supply.
  To see the stats of an item in the store, use 'Appraise <Item>'.
  • There are shops in Aylor that specialize in equipment, weapons or armor. Scattered throughout the game are other shops in other areas. These can also be the source of reasonably good equipment. Check out help map for details on how to use decipher the various symbols on a map. Shops are often shown using a $ symbol. If you do not see one of these in a clan hall, try typing list in various rooms, as the dollar sign is not shown in all instances.

Open Clan Shops:

Many clans offer public halls with shops for the general public. You do not need to be a member of a clan to use their facilities or shops. Each clan varies on the type(s) of item(s) available as well as the level of the items. Clans have the option of changing their shops as often as they can afford it, so expect items to change/disappear. Often times items are upgraded with the invisibility flag on them, and the only way to see and/or buy these items is being able to detect invisibility (try using the potsearch command to find a potion that will grant this ability - potsearch detect invis or potsearch true seeing for available potions). If it's not a natural ability or spell you have, you can find these potions in Aeleron's Alchemy Supplies shop in Aylor (runto potions). Most shops can be located with a $ on the automap, other times the shopkeepers will not appear on the map, and need to be found manually through use of the list command. It is wise to explore the entire open hall of each clan, as they are not limited to only one shop.

  • Check out the clist for a list of clan names, then use claninfo <clan_name> for information on each clan, then you can runto <clan_name>
    Typically open clan gear is better equipment than gameload (regular) gear, however it's always good to identify all items as
    certain stats will be more beneficial to you based on your primary class. Also areas that contain Area Quests and/or Goals
    will sometimes have a Masterpiece item or two with the ability to be more powerful.

Closed Clan Shops:

Only players that belong to that specific PK clan have free access to these shops. Closed clan equipment is allotted one extra point if the clan chooses to take advantage of it (at an expensive price) making closed gear the most favorable and expensive gear in Aardwolf. Other clanned players can group up and attempt to raid a targeted clan to try and breach their defenses and break into their clan hall. Closed clan equipment retrieved from a raid will receive extra damroll, hitroll, and stats depending on the level of the item, and can be sold to other clanned or unclanned players.

  Raided gear is considered to be some of the best equipment in the game.

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