Index M

MAPEXITS : Clarification about continent maps.
MCCP : MCCP compression protocol info - Help Aard save bandwid
MCCP Proxy : How to set up the MCCP proxy for Aardwolf.
MEDITATION : Gives faster regeneration of Mana.
MIND OVER BODY : Uses the power of the mind to ignore hunger and thirst.
MISDIRECTION : Thieves' ability to confuse enemies.
MIST FORM : Allows movement through a room completely undetected.
MOBSHIELD : Prevents mobs from assisting one another.
MONTAGE : Always fade out in a montage.
MOTD : Information screen displayed at logon.
MOVEMENT : How to move about the world.
MSTATUS : Change your marriage message in finger.
MU-Common Rooms : Manor Upgrades: Common Rooms
MU-Exits : Manor Upgrades: Exits
MU-Locations : Manor Upgrades: Available Plots
MU-Mobs : Manor Upgrades: Mobs
MU-Objects : Manor Upgrades: Objects
MU-Purchase : Manor Upgrades: Purchasing Information
MU-Request : Manor Upgrades: Sample Upgrade Request
MU-Rooms : Manor Upgrades: Rooms
MU-Rules : Manor Upgrades: General Rules
MU-Tier : Manor Upgrades: Tier Information
MU-Transfer : Manor Upgrades: Transfers
MXP : Policies regarding Mud eXtension Protocol
MXit : Useful tips to players using MXit.
MXit Channel : MXIT-/textspeak friendly channel.
Mafia : Online adaptation of the party game.
Mafia-commands : Describes the commands used in Mafia on Aardwolf.
Mafia-options : Displays a list of options for Aardwolf Mafia games.
Mafia-roles : Describes the roles of a Mafia game.
Mafia-tips : Gives some tips and rule suggestions for Mafia.
Mage : Information about the Mage class.
Magic Circle : Casts a circle of protection
Magic Missile : The first combat spell a mage learns!
Magical Rush : Wraps a web of speed around the caster
Major Creation : Allows cloning of a wide range of artifacts.
Major Swarm : Summons a large swarm of deadly insects.
Manor Upgrades : Help Index for the Manor Upgrades Files
Manorlocations : Information on manor areas
Manors : Details on how to become a land owner of Aardwolf.
Map : Overview of the Aardwolf real-time map.
Maprun : Follow your speedwalk on the mini-map as you run.
Maptags : Alias for 'tags map on', see 'help tags'.
Marbu Jet : Thief poison to blind and restrict its victim.
Market : Overview of the Aardwolf Marketplace (long term auction
Marry : Information about marriage on Aardwolf.
Martyr : Information about the Martyr subclass.
Masaki : Information on the Masaki clan.
Mass Invis : Grants your party the safety of invisibility.
Masteries : Information on the 'Masteries' feature.
Materials : Object material types.
Maxstats : Training costs and stat caps tables.
Maze : Useful tips on how to crack an area maze.
Megablast : Creates a psionic blast followed by shockwaves.
Memorial Garden : In Memorium of players lost to us
Mental Barrier : Damage absorbing shield held in place by psi's will.
Merge Chaos : Recycle the energies of unwanted chaos portals.
Miasma of Pain : Envelops the enemy in a cloud of agonising fog.
Mind Freeze : Constricts the enemies mind in a vice-like grip.
Mind Thrust : Telepathically causes damage to its victim.
Mindflayer : Information about the Mindflayer subclass.
Minor Creation : Magically clones minor objects within the mud world.
Minor Swarm : Summons a small swarm of deadly insects.
Miracle : Lightens the touch of the hand of the Grim Reaper
Misty Shores of Yarr: Information on area Misty Shores of Yarr.
Mobchute : Description of mob chutes and their function.
Mobdeaths : Lists what mobs have died in a level range.
Mobkills : Lists the biggest killers in Aardwolf.
Mobquests : Lists frequency of mobs in quests.
Moonbeam : Creates a beam of moonlight to strike at the good.
Moons : The mystery of Aardwolf's three moons.
Mount DuNoir : Information on the area, Mount DuNoir.
Mudwog's : Information on the Mudwog Swamp area.
Multicast : Special abilities of combat spells.
Mushclient : Information about the Aardwolf version of Mushclient.
Music Channel : Sing without the worry of being heard.
Mystic Might : Pump yourself up!
Masquerade Island : Information on the area Masquerade Island.