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Last Updated  : 2024-01-14 14:22:46.
Manor Upgrades: General Rules

1.  Each player may only own one manor.

2.  Only one player may own any particular manor.  If spouses wish to
share the cost of purchasing a manor, they must decide the owner between
themselves.  If they later divorce, the spouse set as owner will have the
right to keep the manor for him/herself.

3.  Only the manor owner and their spouse may request and pay for a new
manor.  Likewise, only the owner and their spouse may request and pay for
manor upgrades on that player's manor.  If costs are split between spouse
and owner, both must be in the to: field of the upgrade note and both must
agree to the costs.  Clan accounts can not be charged for manor upgrades.

4.  The owner of a manor must agree to all requests made by a spouse,
regardless of who covers the cost of the upgrade.

5.  Spouse manor links will be removed upon divorce, without reimbursement.

6.  Clan links may be removed at a leader's request at any time, without
reimbursement.  Clan links are the sole responsibility of the clan
leaders.  Immortals will not intervene in the event a manor exit results
in a clan being breached.

7.  If a manor is sold, any existing 'free' description changes are not
transferred to the new owner- he/she must pay the cost per room/mobile/
object to change names/descriptions.

8.  Any player or clan's likeness (exact name or logo format/colors) used
in any manor upgrade needs the approval of that player/clan's leaders.

9.  In order to keep Aardwolf's environment lighthearted and respectful,
any upgrades that contain political hot-button issues will be denied.

10. The Immortals have the right to refuse or remove any upgrade found to
be offensive or abusive of rules, without reimbursement.

11. All manors are limited to 5 rooms based (excluding porch), 8 objects,
5 mobs and 1 program per mob. It is possible to get more rooms with
increasing costs, see 'help mu-rooms' for more details.

12. The owner of the manor may request to remove any resets free of
charge but keep in mind there are no reimbursements.

*** Please note that all upgrades need to be submitted to the Imms on
the upgrades board.

Imms: Reset object keyword to "Free Key".