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Aardwolf helpfiles for category : Attack skill
Aim : The ability to switch targets mid-fight.
Ambush : Lay in wait on an unsuspecting target.
Assassinate : Stealthily attack a victim's vitals, killing it instant
Assault : Assaults a victim with great fury.
Backstab : Old favourite trick of stabbing a victim from behind.
Balor Spittle : Chemical warfare at its best!
Bash : A brute-force attack to knock a foe to its knees.
Black Root : Devastates the target with a 'Black Triffid' root.
Blindfighting : Information on the Ninja 'blind fighting' ability.
Blockexit : Prevents cowardly mobs from leaving the fight.
Bodycheck : Take out your enemies like an Abrams Tank!
Burnt Marbu : Thief poison to blind and restrict its victim.
Charge : Allows user to charge into a room, hurting all present.
Circle : Maneuver behind opponent for an additional attack.
Cleave : Cleaves the victim's shield in two!
Cobra Bane : Uses deadly cobra poison to strike your foe.
Counter Strike : Counter-strike after a successful parry.
Death Blow : Chance to perform a critical hit upon your foe.
Dirt Kicking : Kicks dirt into target's face, possibly blinding them.
Disarm : Gives the ability to remove a weapon from the target.
Dual Wield : Allows two weapons to be used in combat.
Enrage : Break open a can of whoop-a** on an opponent.
Entrap : Bandit ability to create an ambush point.
Fifth Attack : Hit an opponent up to 5 times in one round.
Flank : Block off a direction while in combat.
Flay : Information on the Inquisitor skill, 'Flay'
Fourth Attack : Exactly what the name says!
Gouge : Gouges the opponents eyes out!
Grab : Gives a chance to steal victim's weapon during combat.
Green Death : Diseases, poisons, and weakens the target.
Ground Strike : Sends rippling earth to crush the foe.
Hammering Blow : Hammer your own sense of justice on your opponents.
Hand to Hand : The ability to fight without weapons.
Haven : Priest ability to make a room safer.
Headbutt : Headbutt your opponents.
Hydra Blood : Throws venom at target, reducing its combat ability.
Interrogate : Information on the Inquisitor skill, 'Interrogate'
Intimidate : Allows a warrior to strike fear into his/her enemies ca
Ironfist : Information on the 'Ironfist' skill.
Kick : A powerful kick delivered during combat.
Kill : Remove that vital spark from your enemy.
Knife Fighting : Information on the thief Knife Fighting ability.
Kobold Spray : Odoriferous poison leaves enemies gagging.
Kobold Stench : Directs poison at target, reducing their strength.
Lash : Information on the Inquisitor skill, 'Lash'
Marbu Jet : Thief poison to blind and restrict its victim.
Necrotic Touch : Poison that eats away at physical resistances.
Power Grip : Allows a warrior to keep hold of their weapon.
Push : Push monsters around. They don't like it too much!
Raven Scourge : Caustic poison that burns a target's armor
Sap : Allows a warrior to drain energy from their victims.
Scalp : Stab at the victim's head causing damage.
Scorpion Strike : Deadly scorpion venom added to a weapon during combat.
Second Attack : Chance to land a second attack each round.
Second Attack Dual : Chance to land a second hit with seconded weapon.
Shield Block : Allows the user to deflect attacks with their shield.
Shield Punch : Slams your shield into your enemy's face!
Sixth Attack : Make more hurt mean things!
Slit : Outright slays a victim and buries their corpse!
Spiral : Allows a thief to perform multiple circle attacks.
Stomp : Stomp on your opponent's head.
Strangle : Puts the victim into unconsciousness.
Stun : Lands a stunning blow on the target.
Sweep : Sweeps the victim's legs from under them!
Taunt : Distract a monster to fight you rather than others.
Third Attack : Chance to land a third attack with primary weapon.
Third Attack Dual : Chance to land a third attack with seconded weapon.
Trip : Brings your opponent crashing to the ground.
Uppercut : Deliver a powerful uppercut to a foe.
Warcry : Causes damage to opponents as you charge into battle.