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Last Updated  : 2009-01-01 17:01:04.
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If you need a helm of true seeing:

oload immhomes-83

General Commands

immform luaerrshows mprog lua errors
seeallsees everything
showkeysshow keys behind items/mobs/rooms
buildopt <<noisy/noclear/commands>>options for the editors
mgoto <<name>>goes to the mob with that name Use in respect of your area only!
rgoto <<room-key>>goes to the room with that key Use in respect of your area only!
mload / oload <<key>>loads that mob / obj Use in respect of your area only!
peacestops the fights in the room

Edit Commands:

zedit / oedit / redit / medit / mpedit [create] <<number>>edit/create that area / obj / room / mob / mprog
qedit create <<name>>creates a goal with the name
qedit <<name>>edits the goal with the name
mpdump <<mprog-key>>shows the mprog without editing it
rstatshows info on the current room
rstat <<room-key>>shows info on the specified room
ostat / mstat <<name>>gives stats on that obj/mob with the name
purgeclears the room
purge zoneclears the area
resetresets the current room
reset zoneresets the entire zone

Finding things:

rlist / olist / mlist / mplistshows a list of all created rooms / objects / mobs / mprogs
mplist titlesgives a brief summary of the titles of the mprogs
rlist 1 / rlist 2gives sectors / extra flags
ofind <<name>>finds the obj-key
owhere <<name>>finds all objs in the area with the name
owhere <<obj-key>> protofinds all prototypes of that obj-key
mwhere <<name>>finds the specific mob by name
mwhere <<mob-key>> protofinds the prototypes of that mob-key
rsearch <<name>>finds a room with that name
mpsearch <<Searchstring>>find text in mprogs
mpusers <<mprog-key>>gives all mobs that use the mprog