Mobprog Examples

One of the hardest parts of starting out as a new builder is learning to write code. A few of the builders are working
on collecting useful mob-programs and posting them here is examples to new builders. These are all examples of
programs taken directly from our areas (all pertinent area information removed).

If you are a builder, please take the time to add some of your programs. If you'd like to add some, but don't want to
take the time to post them on here, contact Shaelynne and I will do it for you! Thanks.

Please note: these progs are examples and may not necessarily compile as they stand alone. You are expected to do
the legwork, this is just an example to get you started.

Feel free to EDIT and ADD programs.

Program Checks
Command & Obj Loads with Rot Timer

Wears Object
DoAt Another Room
Ch Follow Player
Replace Lost Item
Task Hints
Task Flags
Force Kill NPC
Item Check and Destroy
Load New Mob & Purge Old One
Goal Complete Info
Summon Help and Run
Fortune teller (pick a random fortune from a list)
Interactive event loops (Tetris as example)
Stringing Multiple If Commands
Using TaskData to Count NPC Deaths\\