Area Editing

Area Editing

To edit your area, type 'zedit' at the prompt while you are in the area you wish to edit. To see the areas stats you are now editing just hit enter, after making changes just type .Q to exit the editor.

Important: Remember once you quit out of each menu and click Y to save changes your area is saved.

Things that you should *never* do:

   NEVER type zedit area create.
   NEVER change the filename of your area.
   NEVER change the vnums of your area.
   NEVER change the builders of your area.

Shown below is a typical area file. Each section you can change has an explanation below the menu here on this page.

        Editing Area : Immortal Testing Area                              

    A) Name            : Immortal Testing Area 
    B) Keyword         : tko
    C) Creator         : (null)
    D) Editors         : None
    E) Repop Message   : Repop
    F) Speedwalk       : 
    G) Speedwalkmsg    : 
    H) Questmsg        : 
    I) First room      : tko-0 (Loop room 1)
    J) Map Color       : white     
    K) Repop Times     : 10 - 20 minutes
    L) Shows Levels    : 0 - 0
    M) Minimum Level   : 0
    N) Maximum Level   : 0
    O) Area Flags      : 

    P) Max Rooms       :     0 (highest in use:   199)
    R) Max Mobs        :     0 (highest in use:   153)
    S) Max Objs        :     0 (highest in use:   123)
    T) Max Progs       :     0 (highest in use:    51)
       Old Vnum Range  : 25600 - 25799
       Coordinates     : Not set

   Enter choice, ? for help or 'Q'

Below are the things you are allowed to set in this menu.

    E) Repop Message - What message shows when an area repops. This should only be one color.

    J) Map Color     - set this to one color that you wish your area map to be.

    L) Shows Levels  - This is the level of your area

    M) Minimum Level - Sets the min level a player must be to enter

    N) Maximum Level - Sets the max level a player must be to enter *TALK TO HALO FIRST*

The two flags that are toggled in an area are changed and added. Added is a flag that remains on the area through a few reboots. It affects nothing. Changed means there has been changes made to the area since the last time it was saved.