The Building Rules

Test Port Rules

1. Anything you see/do/hear/use on the builders mud stays on builders. Do not discuss areas in the works, solutions to quests/puzzles in areas, or the tools used to make areas with other players. It spoils future surprises and kills the magical view many players look upon the mud with when they ask "Wow, how did they do that?"

2. You are not to enter anyone else's area without Head Builder's knowledge and permission. You may wander around Aylor and your area all you want. With the combination of test port and builders port, you are welcome in areas currently up for testing. However, at no time should you be in a builders area that has not been released for testing purposes. If you are caught in someone else's area without their permission you will lose your status as a builder immediately.

3. You must follow the guides that we provide for rooms, objects, mobs and mob programs. If you do not, your area will simply never make it onto the main mud. These guidelines exist to provide a balanced system of play on the main mud, and need to be strictly followed.

4. Areas may not be based on games, books, movies, or other popular (and copyrighted) mediums (The list of these themes may be found in The Dead Zone. Areas found based on these after the area has gone onto the main port will be removed. Areas that are found on the builders port to be based on these will have to be changed before they can go to the main port.

5. Do not bring or tell your friends to log on to the builders mud so you can show them your area. Only approved builders are allowed on the builders mud. If you are caught having non-approved people in your area you will lose your status as a builder immediately. Your area becomes the property of Aardwolf mud once it is loaded up on the main mud. We strongly desire to have areas which are not available on any other mud, as we feel that is something many players look for. If you desire a copy of your area once it is completed, talk to Halo and special consideration may be given.

6. You are on the mud to build and work. You are not there to goof off. Do not make super equipment with super stats, you do not need QP, or TP. Anyone found creating a disturbance for other builders in anyway will be removed from their building status.

7. Builders are only allowed to work on one area at a time. Once your current area is complete and installed on the main port, you can apply to build a new one, but not until then. You may not be added as a builder to anyone else's area while you still have an area in the works.

8. If you stop working on your area for two months, it will be archived. Whether it can be restored or not depends on whether the vnums have been reused. Any area will only be restored one (1) time. If it's restored, and you go away for two months and don't work on it, it's gone for good, and you'll have to reapply next time we're taking apps.

9. If you are working with someone on an area and stop working on the area for two months, unless special arrangements are made with the Head Builder, your char will be removed and you will be removed from the area.


1. You may not, under any circumstances, use your knowledge of your area to benefit yourself or friends or clan members, in any way past the norm.

2. This can mean several things. Passing out your area speedwalk to your friends/clan is a definite no-no. Telling your friends/clan members how to get special items in your area that involve having to learn a complicated quest is also not good. Going through your area again and again and again, and getting those special items and selling them, before anyone else has figured out how to get them, is very bad.. I'm sure there are many other forms of abuse out there. If you have any doubts *at all* about something you intend to do, ask the immortals. Better to be told 'no' right from the start than have immortals upset because you decided that you'd rather not take the chance it's forbidden.

3. If you choose to break this rule, there are several things that will be done. You will receive no builder's pin. If you have a builder's pin, it will be taken from you. You will *never* be allowed to build again. In certain (extreme) cases, your area might even be removed from the main port.

It really is not worth it to break this rule. If you choose to do so, be very aware of the possible consequences.