Object Requirements

The amount of objects you have in your area and how you use them must lay within certain requirements.

    - All areas of 50 vnums must have a required minimum of 35 objects.
    - No object may be level 0.
    - All useable objects in the area must be within +/- 5 of the level range of the area.

*this is requirements and things allowed for masterpiece items in regular areas*

When creating your objects, you are allotted 1 Masterpiece item. This item is allowed to have stats above the normal range of an object in this amount:

   Single worn Eq                       Double Worn Eq 
   Level 1-40 +1 stat                   Level 1-50 +1 stat 
   Level 41-80 +2 stats                 Level 51-100 +2 stats 
   Level 81-100 +3 stats                Level 101-150 +3 stats 
   Level 101-140 +4 stats               Level 151-175 +4 stats 
   Level 141-199 +5 stats               Level 176-199 +5 stats 

As a builder you are faced with 3 options in creating objects in your area.

     - Your area may have 7 objects of maximum stats according to the object affects tables.
     - Your area may have 2 objects of maximum stats and one Masterpiece object.
     - Your area may have 2 Masterpiece items.

NOTE: For every maximum stat piece of equipment created (ie masterpiece), you are required to have 5 pieces of mediocre equipment (less than 1/2 max stats) and 3 pieces of equipment with 0 or negative stats.

All of this equipment must be usable.

Tier Eq

Currently Tier Equipment is not allowed in regular areas. It may be allowed in epic areas after discussion with the headbuilder PRIOR to making the item.


Hand held portals are currently not allowed - Not for goals, not for new areas. Sorry, but they are flooding through Aardwolf and the decision has been made.


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