Equipment Where

Equipment originates from several places in Aardwolf: Normal game-play (typically on mobs), questors, goals, auction, and shops.

Equipment on Mobs

It is rare to find equipment from a mob that is good enough stat-wise for your character to wear, when taken in comparison to equipment sold in clan shops. However, there are items flagged by area builders and placed on an eqsearch list that will be particularly excellent for your character to wear.

So here I would like to give a quick example. We'll pretend I am looking for a new item to wear on my left finger. If I type wearable for the list of wear locations, I discover that this one is called lfinger. So I will type eqsearch lfinger in order to use the eqsearch command for only my left finger. This is the result:

Item Description                    Lvl Weight Location     Points 
----------------------------------- --- ------ ------------ ------- 
Alchemy Ring                         66      6 Guinness          40
----------------------------------- --- ------ ------------ -------
A Ring of the Dark Eight            200     30 Ninehells        325

So, what does it all mean? The first line under the heading of Item Description shows the piece of equipment that I am currently wearing on my left finger. Underneath this is A Ring of the Dark Eight, the piece of equipment that offers me more points as you can see in the points column. My current Alchemy Ring is only worth 40 points to me, whereas A Ring of the Dark Eight is worth 325. Where do these magical points come from? Check out help compare. Finally, we notice that the location for the Alchemy Ring that I am currently wearing is Guinness, since that is my name, and the location for the ring that I desire is Ninehells. So we can recall and runto ninehells (well you'll get further instructions when you try to runto ninehells, but that is beyond the scope of this discussion), but then the obvious question is, well what mob do I have to kill? Players do happen to make databases, so I might try looking through the help www file in order to find a website that could indicate the mob that carries this item. I decide to try Success! This site indicates that a whole bunch of of the dark eight mobs carry the ring I desire, so I can happily narrow down my search before I have even begun killing mobs.

Equipment in Clan Shops

Now please note that you do not need to be in the clan in order to purchase equipment from its shopkeepers. All you need to do is first runto <clan short name>. Clan short names can be found using the clist command. Next you need to find a shop. A $ is often found on the map to show where the shopkeeper is located. Not all clans choose to show the dollar sign, however, so if you don't see one the best option is to try typing list in plausible rooms.

So what I have done below is used the eqsearch all command:

Wear Loc Points  New Item                            Level Location   Points
-------- ------- ----------------------------------- ----- ---------- ------
Body         325 A Crystal Carapace                    200 Touchstone    350

It looks a bit different than when you search by wear-slot. First this tells us that better equipment than what I am wearing can be found for my body. Next this notes the number of points I have for the item I am currently wearing, and the number listed on the far right is the amount of points I will have with the new item. After the item's name, we see the level of the item. The Location is Touchstone. You will automatically know this is a clan if you have taken the time to peruse the clist. However, if you don't realize this, you can still use the areas command in order to find the area on the list. All clans are displayed waaaaay down at the bottom of the list, so you will need to send a blank line to the mud (if on a computer, by hitting the enter key) a number of times in order to reach the last page of the list. The number of lines of a page is controlled by your pagesize setting, and can be fine-tuned to suit your needs.

So at the bottom of the list we find:

From To   Lock  Builder          Area Name                      
---- ---- ----  ---------------  ------------------------------
 210  210       Aardwolf         Touchstone Cavern  

For levels 210 to 210, oh noes! No, seriously, don't worry. All clans are set as level 210, and it doesn't matter what level you are when you go there. You will not find any aggressive mobs. Usually a clan will have a few shopkeepers, a trainer, a healer, and maybe even a punching bag mob.

So the eqsearch already gave me the keyword of the clan to runto, so now all I need to do is runto touchstone.

At the end of the runto, I see three stores to the west of me, denoted as such by their $ signs. So I decide to walk west, placing myself here:

I use the list command. And success! I see the Crystal Carapace is the 11th item on the list, so all I need to do is buy 11.

Equipment from Goals

If you take the time to complete area goals, you will find that many goals give some of the most precious equipment to be found in Aardwolf as a reward upon completion.

Quest Equipment

You will find that quest items are something that you will want to collect as you build up quest points on your character.

Auctioned Equipment

The great thing about auctioned equipment (check out help market) is that you can often obtain it at a reduced price and frequently, players will have already enchanted an item on auction, meaning less work for you!

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