Equipment What And Why


On your character you have a number of locations with which to wear equipment, such as: Light, Head, ... Weapon, ... Float. To see them all, use the wearable command. Also, check out help wear.

Equipment can enhance nearly every aspect of game-play here on Aardwolf. For example: equipment is very helpful in maximizing the damage you do and in minimizing the damage you receive in battle. Equipment can affect your stats and resistances as well as damroll and hitroll.

Take a look at help stats, help resists, and help damroll / help hitroll.

The stats and resists that are important to you are dependent upon your race, class, and style of play.

In game, check out help <your_class> and raceinfo <your_race>. Or check out the links here to class and race.

When you come across equipment, you can identify it by using ID <equipment>. The equipment must be in your inventory for this to be effective. This command gives you the basic stats of a piece of equipment.

Other methods for finding out about equipment include lore, object read, and the identify (skill). There is even an Identifier shop in Aylor, called Hester's Whoswhatzit. You can runto identify (check out help runto and help find) in order to reach Hester's, then identify <item> (you will pay a small fee). To see if you will have a skill, use showskill <skill /spell> (check out help showskill). This will tell you what classes gain the spell or skill and at what level. Further to this, before purchasing items from a shop, you can appraise them, and when bidding on items you can bid <item ###> to check them out prior to placing a bid.

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