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Aardwolf helpfiles for category : Config
AutoPK : Toggle auto-assist in PK situations.
Autoassist : Automatically engage in combat when grouped.
Autoconsume : Automatically consume corpses you've killed.
Autodesc : Display description along with character whois info.
Autoexit : Toggle seeing exits upon entering a room.
Autogold : Retrieve gold from corpses upon death.
Autokeep : Automatically keep items bought from stores.
Autoloot : Retrieve items from killed monsters automatically.
Automap : Automatically see the Aardwolf map when moving
Autorecall : Recall from combat if your connection is lost.
Autosac : Clean up monster corpses when killed.
Autoshare : Distribute looted gold to all group members.
Autotick : Display character info along with mud 'ticks'.
Battlespam : Turns off damage messages from other players.
Compact : Removes spaces between concurrent lines.
Echocommands : Information about the 'echocommands' config option.
Echodeaths : Hear the cries of the fallen.
Exprate : Combine displayed bonuses of exprate wish.
Keyloot : Take keys from monster corpses and leave the rest.
Levelhints : Toggle display of level-based hints.
Maprun : Follow your speedwalk on the mini-map as you run.
Nocancel : Toggles whether or not other players may cancel you.
Nocurse : Toggle curse channel warnings and socials.
Nodeliver : Stop unwanted deliveries.
Noexp : Prevents a character from gaining experience.
Nogroup : Information on the 'nogroup' config option.
Nohelp : Supress additional help messages in most commands.
Noloot : Protects your corpse from looting by others.
Noobjlevels : Toggle display of object levels on your equipment.
Nopage : Prevents your character from receiving pages.
Nopassdoor : Stops the ability of the permanent pass door wish.
Nopeek : Toggles automatic use of the 'peek' skill
Noprefix : Easily identify players' descriptions.
Nopretitles : Toggles whether or not you will see character pretitles
Noprivacy : Toggle your visibility with the privacy wish.
Nospam : Reduce extraneous combat messages.
Nostatus : Add/remove display of general mob health in combat.
Nosummon : Prevents you from being the target of summon/gate.
Notitle : Toggle player titles in room descriptions.
Nowarinfo : Tweaks display of 'warinfo' win information
Noweather : Turns off weather messages.
PKOFF : Turns off your ability to attack other players.
Pageprompt : How to change the default pager prompt
Pagerepeat : Toggles old- vs. new-style paging prompt.
Pagesize : Change amount of text shown before page pause.
Prompt : Describes how to customize your prompt.
Promptflags : Toggles display of flags in prompt.
Quietsell : Remove extra 'sell all' messages.
Quietspells : Hush noisy spellcasters.
Rawcolors : Show MUD output with parsed color codes.
Rsocial : Toggles the ability for others to social you remotely.
Seegrey : Toggles display of the grey color.
Shortflags : Toggle detailed or shortened monster/object auras.
Shortmap : Hide blank lines in map.
Skipnextloot : Do not loot the next corpse on kill.
Statmon : Toggles stat output for client parsing.
nograce : Toggles half-exp grace period after PK death.