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Aardwolf helpfiles for category : Area
Aardestates 2000 : Largest Estate area in Aardwolf
Aardwolf Estates : Oldest of three manor areas.
Archipelago : Uncover the darkness on these mysterious islands.
Area : Areas on Aardwolf - finding your way around.
Area Creation : The process for creating new areas on Aardwolf.
Area Quests : Overview of different areas' individual tasks.
Area Replacements : List of stock areas and their replacements.
Aylor : The busiest city in Andolor.
Birthday Area : Special area for celebrating Aardwolf's birthday.
Chasm and Catacombs : Information on the area The Chasm and The Catacombs.
Dortmund : A strange deserted city in the countryside.
Fantasy Fields : Information on the area Fantasy Fields.
Immortal Homes : Home of the Immortals and the Aardwolf Plaza Hotel.
Isle Estates : Off-shore beach community for older players.
Pompeii : Information on the area Pompeii.
Realm of Infamy : The Realm of Infamy.
Realm of the Zodiac : Discover the world of the Zodiac.
Sendhia : Information on the Adventures in Sendhia Area.
Summon Death : Necromancer's ability to raise undead around him/her.
Summon Life : Shaman's ability to restore the world around him/her.
Swordbreakers Hoard : The Swordbreaker's Hoard.
The Infestation : Information about the area 'The Infestation'
The Killing Fields : Information on the 'Killing Fields' area.
The Planes : Many facets of law, chaos, good, evil, and elements.
The Trouble with Gwi: Information about the Gwillim area
The Wobbly Woes of W: Information on the area The Wobbly Woes of Woobleville.
The Wood Elves of Na: Information on the area The Wood Elves of Nalondir.
Town of Solan : Information about the area 'Town of Solan'
Verdure Estates : Information on the area Verdure Estates.
Void : The nothingness which once consumed linkdead people.
War of the Wizards : Information on the area War of the Wizards.
Zangars : Every now and then a new entrance into evil arises.....