Newbie Info

Welcome to Aardwolf, adventurer!

This page is designed to help bring you the information that you need to begin a long and neverending adventure. There are many useful things to be found here, many of which can also be found in the newbie guide you'll receive when you create a character.

  • Clients - How to connect to Aardwolf

  • Character Creation - Tips and Tricks

  • Channels - Communicating in this brave new world

  • Commands - Common commands everyone should know

  • Leveling - Tips, Tricks, and Advice

  • Clans - A newbie's guide to clans

  • Skills and Spells - Enjoying the fruits of your labor

  • Exploring - Traveling the Aardwolf Universe

  • Items - What items you may want to acquire for your travels and the various ways of obtaining them

  • Potions and Pills - Where to find low-level potions and pills to help you survive in the realm.

  • Quests , Campaigns, and GQuests - An overview of the three methods to gaining Quest Points (An integral part of the MUD)

  • Death - What to do when the worst occurs.

  • FAQ - Commonly asked questions on the newbie channel

  • Helpers - Whom to contact if you need more help

  • Newbie Mistakes - Some advice on things you will NOT want to do when you start playing.

  • Intermediate - Once you've mastered the basics it's time to learn more.

Notes: These are all the subjects I could think up. Feel free to add your own :)