So you're ready to level? Let's make sure.

Aylorian Academy

As soon as you complete your character you'll find yourself in a room called, fittingly enough, Outside the Aylorian Academy, where you will learn more about playing Aardwolf. It is strongly suggested you head north and meet the recruiter. He will show you how to enlist.

Once you enlist, you will be invited to partake of many of the courses available. Currently, the Academy offers the following (to be completed in the order presented):

              Basic               Basic training Lessons                            
              Career              Career training                                   
              Combat              Hunting and combat training                       
              Comm                Communications training                           
              Custom              Customization training                            
              Economics           Economic training                                 
              Equip               Equipment training                                
              Geography           Geography training                                
              Health              Health training                                   
              Skills              Skills and spells training                        
              Social              Social studies training                           

There is no level lock in the Academy.

A quick tip to reach your first class:

  • tasks here will bring up your currently open Academy tasks. You will discover you need to complete Basic Training first.
  • find all will show you the list of areas that you will can runto within the Academy (check out help runto)
  • you will discover that Basic is the keyword for Basic Training lessons, so runto basic.

If you get lost and want to return to the Academy:

  • type recall (check out help recall)
  • the Academy is up from the recall point, so go up.

After the Academy, your guide has some useful information on areas to level in...

 1 to 5   Kimr's Farm          recall then runto kimr
 1 to 10  Forest of Li'Dnesh   recall then runto lidnesh
 5 to 15  Siren's Oasis Resort recall then runto sirens
 5 to 20  Amusement Park       recall then runto amusement
 5 to 20  Beer Goblins         recall then runto beer

To find other popular areas for levelling and what to fight in them, use the mobdeaths command. See help mobdeaths

You can also use the <areas> command for a complete list of areas.

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