For more information about these commands, see 'help <command>' on Aardwolf.

The Help command will give you useful help files on different subjects.
Syntax: help <skillname/spellname/class/stat,etc>

Use this command from Aylor recall to quickly run to an area by using its keyword. You can find an area's keyword by typing 'area keyword <word>'.
Syntax: runto <area keyword>

To move short distances just type the direction, for long distances Run is best.
Syntax: run <speedwalk directions>

This command shows where others of similar level and alignment kill mobs.
Syntax: mobdeaths <low level> <high level> [good|evil]

A command that will give you equipment to wear at the beginning of the game. Only works between levels 1 to 5.

Puts objects into you inventory.
Syntax: get <object>                    : Picks up an item.
        get <object> <container>        : Retrieves an item from a container.
        get all corpse                  : Retrieves everything from a corpse.
Removes an object from your inventory and puts it on the floor.
Syntax: drop <object>                   : Drops an item.
        drop <amount> coins             : Drops gold.
        drop <all>                      : Drops everything that doesn't have the (K) flag.
Allows you to hold onto certain objects while dropping everything else.
Syntax: keep <item>          unkeep <item>
        keep all             unkeep all
        keep all.<item>      unkeep all.<item>
Places equipment from your inventory on your body. Remove takes it off and places it back in your inventory.
Syntax: wear <object>                 : Wears a given object.
        wear all                      : Attempts to wear all items in inventory.
        remove <object>               : Removes a given object.
        remove <location>             : Removes an object from a given wear location.
        remove all                    : Removes all worn objects.

This command uses the magical properties of a potion.
Syntax: quaff <potion>

Uses the magical properties of a wand. You must hold the wand before using the zap command.
Syntax: zap <target>

When hungry or thirsty use these.
Syntax: drink <object>
Syntax: gulp  <object>
Syntax: eat   <object>

How to attack a mob.
Syntax: kill <target>

Shows the room descripton, exits, and any mobs or players in the room.

Syntax: look                    : Displays current room.
        look <object/keyword>   : Gives a description of that object.
        look <character>        : Shows target's description and worn eq.
        look <direction>        : Gather information about nearby rooms.
        look in <object/corpse> : Displays inventory of container/corpse.
        rlook <object>          : Attempts to look at in-room objects first.
        examine <object/corpse> : Same as 'look <item>' and 'look in <item>'.

Shows any mobs or players that are within 3 rooms that are in a straight direction.

Syntax: scan             : Scans all directions for players and monsters.
        scan <direction> : Scans a particular direction for lifesigns.

Lists details about the current area and the locations of all visible players within it.

Syntax: where
Syntax: where <target>

Shows you the visible exits of the room you are in.

Return to Aylor. This can be used to escape a fight, but it will cost you 25 experience points.

Used to enter a portal. Portals that are objects must be held to use.
Syntax: enter           (held portal)
        enter <object>  (in-room portals)

Used to hold portals and other objects that are not weapons or armor.
Syntax: hold <object>

When in a situation that you can not handle and need to escape use Flee. It takes you in a random direction and will cost you 10 experience points.

In combat, when your hp drops below your set wimpy points, automatic flee will kick in.
Syntax: wimpy            : Sets your wimpy value to 20% of max hp.
Syntax: wimpy <number>   : Sets your wimpy value to the amount entered.

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