Newbie Helpers

Those that carry the Helper flag are chosen from volunteers to assist newcomers to Aardwolf. They do various tasks such as retrieve corpses for people that may have died in hard-to-reach areas or to aggressive mobs, and answer general questions. Although they can't give out solutions to puzzles or take you to your quest target, they may give advice or directions to aid in reaching an area. Type "who helper active" to see a list of Helpers that are available at the moment. Even if none seem active, you may want to ask your question on the newbie channel, since other Advisors, Newbies, or Immortals may be around waiting to answer.


The main purposes of the Newbie Helper is to:

  • assist newcomers through their assimilation into Aardwolf.
  • answer questions from all players of the MUD.
  • act as partial representatives of the MUD.
  • and, most importantly, help newbies in becoming self-reliant, autonomous additions to Aardwolf.

Thus, Helpers will gladly jump to answer any of your questions, and will almost always suggest help files rather than giving a direct answer. So, if you want to be told how to play, you'll find them suggesting you check out MUD school (located up from recall; be sure to read all the signs as you go).

Player DONT'S:

DO NOT ask a Helper for help on quests, campaigns, or in leveling; this is simply not their purpose.

Also, DO NOT assume that just because a player has the Helper flag that they can and will help you. All Helpers are only required to assist players who have access to the newbie channel, and though 99% of them will gladly help anyone 99% of the time, this certainly DOES NOT have to be the case.

If you have asked a Helper for assistance in corpse retrieval or some other matter DO NOT be suspicious of what they ask you to do in turn. A Helper will never ask for compensation, and will do whatever they can to assist you at no cost to you.

Applying to Helpers:

In order to become a Helper, a player must have reached their third mort on Aardwolf and have been playing for at least 350 hours on the game. You must demonstrate both a good overall knowledge of the game, and a willingness to help other players, particularly new players. Please be advised that all players who wish to be Helpers will start out at the advisor level. Players wishing to apply for an Advisor flag should read HELP ADVISOR POLICY and HELP ADVISOR SPONSORS.

Want to check out our current list of helpers? click here!

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