Okay, you just walked into a room full of aggros, and before you could flee, they killed you. Maybe you just got distracted during a fight and forgot to quaff a healing potion. Whatever the case, you're DEAD!! And it sucks. Alot!

But don't worry, you will recover. Just stay calm. After dying you'll wake up in the +Aylorian Adventurer's Clinic+, naked. All your equipment will be in your corpse, which will still be in the room you died in. You will have three hours in real time to retrieve it before it disintegrates and drops your stuff onto the ground (your corpse will save if you type quit, so don't worry if you don't have time to retrieve it right then and there). Your corpse is owned to you, so have no fear, you are the only person who can loot it, unless you give someone else permission to, by using the consent command. Here are some steps you should take to retrieve your corpse.

  1. Type stand or wake (you start from a sleeping position after death), go one down, and you'll be at recall.
  2. Heal up. If you're a spellcaster class like Mage, regenerate your mana. Don't be afraid to let your character sleep for a couple minutes to do this, you have lots of time. It will also be a good idea to runto potions and buy some mana and heal potions. A detect invis potion could also be useful in order to assure that you obtain any invisible items from your corpse, and a fly potion could be useful if you run into some quicksand along the way. Quaffing an invis potion can keep certain aggressive mobs that can not detect invis from attacking you, so that is always a good idea as well.
  3. Get a torch from Grizrol's Grocery, or if you are a class with a light spell, be sure to cast one and wear it. If you do not have a natural flying or underwater breathing ability, then you will also want to runto boats and purchase yourself a boat so that when you runto the area with your corpse, your speedwalk doesn't fail.
  4. Think about how you died. If you were killed because you got distracted or simply forgot to consider a mob before attacking it, then you can probably run right back to your corpse and loot it by typing get all corpse. Since your corpse has become a handy container for your items, you simply get all of the items out the same way you would from any container! To wear all of your equipment quickly after getting it, simply type wear all. This command does not automatically choose the best items for you to wear, but it does choose the first item found for each wear slot.
  5. If you died from aggros attacking you, you have to decide if you can survive long enough to enter the room, type get all corpse and flee.

If the answer to step 4 is no you can't, or if you're not sure, don't go back. If you still have access to the newbie channel, please ask on this channel for help with your corpse retrieval. There are helpers and advisors who enjoy helping new players retrieve their corpses, and they will be happy to assist you. If no one replies after several attempts on the newbie channel, or you no longer have access to this channel, then you can ask for help on the question and answer channel. There are also a couple of clans that you could look up in order to ask members for help in a tell: try who Watchmen or who Crusader. Typing who from cr will also yield a result of players who have put CR in their from fields. They would like someone who needs help with a corpse retrieval to send them a tell asking for help.

You'll usually be asked by whoever agreed to assist you, to meet them at recall or the start of the area you died in. Type ownedwhere to discover where your corpse is, if you have forgotten. Whoever is assisting you will clear any nearby aggressive mobs in order to make it safe for you to retrieve your items. If you listen carefully to whoever helps you, you'll quickly get your items back and be able to return to leveling or exploring.

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