This is a (hopefully) unbiased FAQ to clans for newbies. Please add or improve as needed.

What are clans?

See help clan. But basically they're a group of (hopefully) like-minded individuals who work together and help each other with the game. You have your choice of either a PK (player killing) clan, or a NOPK (non-player killing) clan.

How do I join a clan?

For general information, read this article. Joining a clan depends on the specific clan. Each clan has their own entry requirements and joining procedures. Generally you'll have interviews at the very

least. Check out a clan's website in order to find more information.

What are the benefits of joining a clan?

This depends on the clan. PK clans have closed clan equipment you can only acquire by being a member of that clan. If the clan is a PK clan you also have the ability to attack other players (help pk). All clans also have morgues, so if you die, you'll never have to go find your corpse again. Instead your corpse will be moved to the clan hall and you'll be able to loot it at your leisure. Another benefit is that clan members help each other out for the greater good. You can ask questions, learn more about the game, get spellups, find grouping partners, etc. Being a member of a clan also can give you a positive reputation to other players and help you to build lasting friendships.

What are the drawbacks of joining a clan?

If you join a PK clan, you can get PKed. If you join a clan with a bad reputation, you can be ignored, called a moron, and basically considered an idiot based on that clan's reputation. As a member of a clan you'll generally be expected to contribute to the clan. For example, group with lower level members, donate gold, help defend (if you're part of a PK clan), and participate in clan activities such as festivals or meetings.

I'm scared of PK, does this mean I should avoid clans?

Nope, not at all! PK, or Player Killing is not that common, but you can certainly choose to join a noPK clan. This can be seen on the top line of a clan's claninfo or by the Y in the far right column in clist. Also, even within a PK clan, PK is quite rare if you choose to avoid it (Help PK). The only way you can be killed by another player against your will is to be within 10 levels of them, and have your clan be on neutral or worse relation with them, AND be in a room marked as a PK room. Other instances of PK such as revenge or raiding are things you get yourself into and aren't really involved in your day to day leveling. PK rooms are very easy to avoid and even if you do die, you can always get your corpse from the morgue.

How do I choose which clan to join?

Look at your friends, what clans are they in. Ask them about their clans and what they think about them. If you have half your friends in the same clan, chances are you'd be happy in that clan. Also, consider if you want to be part of a PK (player killing) or NOPK (non-player killing) clan. Check out clan websites and the like. Some folks find that a clan's theme is very important, others simply join a clan where they get along with the people in it. Keep in mind a clan's entry requirements. Do you have enough levels? Are you the right race or class? Choose a clan where you will be happy.

There is a clan specifically designed as an introduction to clan life for new players -- check out Boot Camp for details.

What happens if I change my mind and I chose the wrong clan?

You can always outcast (see help outcast). Keep in mind, if you outcast from clans too quickly and clan hop, you'll get a reputation for being an unreliable clannie. However, if you screw up once and choose the wrong clan, it is not something to be terribly worried about. Unoutcast fee is based on your current level, not cumulative level. So the most you'll ever have to pay is a bit more than 5 million. And if you wait until just after you remort or tier, it will only be 25,000 gold.

What if I want to start my own clan?

This is a VERY difficult thing to do. New clans are RARELY accepted and only when they are called for. This is not even as often as once a year. The last time a clan was added there was only one in October of 2011. Before that, there was one in 2006. Starting a clan also takes hundreds of millions of gold coins. You also need lots of players, hopefully lots of players sitting at SH in order to earn you the gold you need, as well as to help defend for a PK clan. Basically, don't expect to start a clan of your own anytime soon. Don't go around saying that you are going to start one and collect donations for it. Don't pretend you're a real clan. If you want to start a clan in the future, sit down, talk quietly with your friends, and start hoarding the hundreds of millions of gold coins you're going to need. Meanwhile, go join another clan.

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