Trivia Sleeping Bag

Trivia sleeping bags are the premier sleeping furniture, but they come at the steep price of 15 TPs. A sleeping bag has a healing rate of 250%, compared to the max of 200% on clan furniture. The trivia sleeping bag has its own wear position and can be activated simply by having it worn and sleeping.

A Trivia Sleeping Bag can be purchased at Ravi, who is located 4n2wn of recall (or use the find all command to discover you can runto ravi).

  • The triviabag social commemorates the time Chuft attempted to add a keyword to a bag at Ravi, and instead of typing tpspend name bag (new keyword), he typed tpspend bag name (new keyword). Thus he accidentally spent 15tps on a second bag he could neither use or resell! If you see him online, feel free to make fun of him about it.

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