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Aardwolf helpfiles for category : Survival
Butcher : Make a good meal out of a fallen enemy.
CREATE FOOD : Magic used to create food while out in the wild.
CREATE WATER : Magically create water while out in the wild.
Camp : Create a tent and fire for nights out in the wild.
DIVINING : The art of locating water beneath the ground.
Eat : Eat, drink, and be merry!
FAST HEALING : Regenerates hit points at an increased rate.
FIRE : Allows the user to build a campfire for faster healing.
FORAGE : Allows a ranger to hunt for food and water.
GOODBERRY : Allows rangers to create sustenance for their party.
HUNTMASTER : The Hunter's ability to easily stalk prey.
MEDITATION : Gives faster regeneration of Mana.
MIND OVER BODY : Uses the power of the mind to ignore hunger and thirst.
PACIFY : Gives a chance to stop all combat in the room.
PURIFY : Removes poison from food and drink.
SENSE LIFE : Allows the caster to sense life returning to the area.
SUSTENANCE : Allows the caster to go longer without food or drink.
Stalk : Hide in a room, (almost) completely undetectable.
Stealth : Ninja ability to completely disappear.
Survey : Noble ability to scan surroundings whilst fighting.
VITALITY : Gives faster regeneration of movement points.
WIMPY : Sets the point at which you will flee from combat.