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Aardwolf helpfiles for category : Attack spell
Abomination : Causes the enemy to face the Reaper.
Acid Blast : Blasts a stream of acid toward its target.
Acid Stream : Blasts multiple streams of acid toward its victim.
Acid Wave : Summon the damage of a mighty black dragon.
Acidic Touch : Burning hands of acid with which to strike an enemy.
Agitation : Used by psionicists to agitate their victims.
Air Skewer : Sharp wind gusts impale Elementalist opponents.
Air dart : Compress air into a painful attack on a foe.
Angel Breath : Damages target with a chance of putting it to sleep.
Angelfire : Invokes Righteous Fire to purge the Unbelievers.
Apocalypse : Unleashes the wrath of casters deity.
Awe : Makes target so in awe of caster it forgets to fight.
Balefire : Multiple fireballs directed at a single victim.
Ballistic Attack : Uses power of the mind to throw objects during combat.
Banishment : Banishes any trace of the target from this realm.
Banshee Wail : High pitched wail that damages the target's ears.
Blades of Light : Magical spinning blades that will shred their victim.
Blast Undead : Strike the Necromancer's favored enemy with brute force
Blazing Fury : Blasts a target with blazing light.
Blight : Blights the victim with a withering illness.
Blindness : This spell renders the target character blind.
Burning Hands : Hands of fire with which to strike an enemy.
Call Lightning : A spell that calls down lightning on your foe.
Cause Critical : Causes serious damage to the victim.
Cause Decay : Decays a victim's flesh severely damaging them.
Cause Light : Causes minor damage to its victim.
Cause Serious : Causes serious damage to the victim.
Caustic Rain : Transforms a gentle rain into biting, caustic acid.
Chill Touch : Chills your victim and reduces their strength.
Colour Spray : Magical spray of colours using against its victim.
Condemn : Binds the enemy's soul to darkness.
Cone of Cold : Blasts forth a cone of freezing air at the target.
Control Flames : Use flame from light source to strike down a victim.
Cyclone : Captures the enemy in a furious wind of death
Damnation : Summons the Spirits of the Vengeful Dead upon the foe
Dampening Field : Used to remove spell affects from your enemy.
Death Field : Create a life-sapping region of negative energy.
Demonfire : Summons forth the demons of hell to assault your foes.
Desolation : Manifests the forces of entropy inside the enemy
Detonate : Use latent energy of inanimate objects to strike foe.
Disintegrate : Use latent energy of inanimate objects to destroy foe.
Dispel Evil : Invokes the wrath of your god on an evil victim.
Dispel Good : Calls forth malevolent energies to damage the Pure.
Dispel Magic : Used to remove magical affects from its victim.
Earth Maw : Imbues the Earth with the ability to harm an enemy.
Earth Shroud : Constricts the foe in a shroud of Earth.
Earthen Hammer : Summon a wave of earth to smash enemies.
Earthquake : Uses the power of nature to damage all in the room.
Engulf : Calls forth the Fire of Hades to punish the enemy.
Eruption : Causes the Earth to split asunder and assail the foe.
Exorcise : Smites the enemy with the power of the gods.
Extinguish : Strikes the enemy with Holy Water.
Finger of Death : Instantly disintegrates the victim and its corpse.
Fire Blast : The Holy Fire of your God, called upon to smite the foe
Fire Breath : Breathe fire like a dragon, damaging all in the room.
Fire Rain : Calls a rain of fire down upon your opponent.
Fire Storm : Causes a storm of fire to envelop the target.
Fireball : Hurls a flaming ball of fire at the target.
Flame Arrow : Creates a magical arrow of flame to strike your foe.
Flamestrike : Calls the fires of heaven against the target.
Flaming Sphere : Calls forth a blossoming Ball of Fire.
Force Bolt : Creates a single bolt of pure magical force.
Forestfire : Causes the enemy to burst into flame.
Glare : Causes the Paladin to irridesce with Holy Light.
Hand of Justice : Calls a powerful bolt of energy from your god.
Harm : Cleric spell causing large amount of damage to victim.
Heavenly Balance : Smite your enemies with your god's wrath.
Heavenly Smiting : Martyr spell to strike down an entire room.
Holy Arrow : Fashion the might of your god into an arrow.
Holy Fury : Sends a wave of Divine Energy to damage the foe.
Holy Rain : Summons the power of your god to destroy evil foes.
Holy Strike : Strikes down the foe with holy might.
Holy Word : Summons the power of your god to destroy evil foes.
Hydroblast : Engulfs the enemy in a stream of freezing, biting water
Ice Bolt : Hurl a deadly shard of ice at your enemy.
Ice Cloud : Breathe frost like a dragon, damaging all in the room.
Ice Daggers : Summon shards of ice to damage a foe.
Ice Storm : Summon forth the wrath of a winter storm.
Immolate : Damage foes with the flame of a red dragon's breath.
Infernal Voice : Allows a paladin to summon the voice of his/her god.
Inflict Pain : Allows a psionic to telepathically cause damage to the
Light Arrow : Generates a stream of holy light as an arrow.
Lightning Bolt : Shoots bolts of lightning from caster's fingers.
Lightning Strike : Spews multiple lightning bolts at your enemy.
Magic Missile : The first combat spell a mage learns!
Major Swarm : Summons a large swarm of deadly insects.
Megablast : Creates a psionic blast followed by shockwaves.
Miasma of Pain : Envelops the enemy in a cloud of agonising fog.
Mind Freeze : Constricts the enemies mind in a vice-like grip.
Mind Thrust : Telepathically causes damage to its victim.
Minor Swarm : Summons a small swarm of deadly insects.
Moonbeam : Creates a beam of moonlight to strike at the good.
Necrocide : Necromancers' ability to obliterate undead.
Nerve Shock : Send electricity surging through the foe's nervous syst
Neural Burn : Psychokinetically causes the enemy to burst into flame
Neural Overload : Causes the victim's brain to explode out of their ears
Nightmare Touch : A psi can cast a victim into their own worst nightmares
Nova : Calls forth the cosmic energy of the stars onto the ene
Panic : Gives a chance to cause all in the room to flee.
Pillar of Fire : Calls forth the purifying fire.
Prismatic Spray : Shoot a random ray of color at the target.
Project Force : Allows caster to strike with the force of their mind.
Psionic Blast : Excite molecules to cause massive brain damage.
Psychic Crush : Description of the psychic crush spell.
Psychic Drain : Allows caster to drain the intelligence of their victim
Psychosis : Creates a dangerous, internal conflict in its victim.
Purgatory : Judges the foe, and finds them wanting...
Purge : Calls divine might down upon foes.
Pyromania : Allows the caster to generate multiple explosions.
Rainbow : Shoots a random ray of colored light.
Repentance : Damns the sinner for eternity
Reverse Alignment : Changes the alignment of a creature to the opposite of
Rune of Ix : Call upon mysterious powers to damage your foe.
SPIRITUAL DISRUPTION: Rends a person's spirit with unstoppable, divine malice
Scorch : Sends waves of fire from the caster's hands.
Scourge : Inflicts a blighting, spiritual malaise upon the foe.
Shard of Ice : Sends splintering shards of ice into the hapless foe.
Shock Aura : Allows the caster to place a shocking aura.
Shocking Grasp : Electrifies the caster's hands to shock victims with.
Solar Flare : Burns the victim in the flames of the Sun.
Soul Rip : Allows the Paladin to psychically assault their foe.
Soulburn : Burns the enemy with righteous fire.
Spasm : Causes the victim's body to contort against itself.
Spear of Odin : Call forth a mighty bolt of electricity.
Spirit Bolt : Conjures a bolt of pure spiritual energy to wound.
Spirit Strike : Allows the Paladin's spirit to assault the enemy.
Spook : Allows the caster to become victim's worst nightmare.
Starburst : Smite your foes with a powerful starburst.
Strike Undead : Find an undead monster's weakeness, and exploit it!
Sunray : Concentrated beam of light with which to destroy evil.
Talon : Creates vicious blades of energy from the caster's hand
Telekinesis : Allows the caster to hurl objects during combat.
Teleport Behind : Teleport behind opponent and stab them in the back.
Tempest : The most violent of the Maelstroms.
Terminate : Description of the paladin terminate spell.
Torment : Sends the victim into a world of nightmares.
Tornado : Summons a 'Twister' to destroy the foe.
Toxic Cloud : Fill the room with a cloud of toxic waste.
Trauma : Interrupts the flow of energy in the foe.
Ultrablast : Telepathically causes damage to its victim.
Vampiric Touch : Allows the caster to feed off victim's life force.
Vengeance : Brings down the vengeance of the gods.
Voice of God : Calls the Spirit of God directly into the Cleric.
Whirlwind : Summons a storm of medium power.
White Flame : Brings down white flame upon the enemy.
Wind Blast : Sends wind whipping into the enemy.
Winds of Reckoning : Calls the Spiritual Wind upon the enemy.
Wrath of God : Uses the power of caster's god to punish all present.
Zombify : Information on the Zombify spell.