MUD Wiki - Aardwolf

Welcome to Aard's Wiki!!

This is a short help file to introduce you to the MUD, and explain where to go to find out certain things.

Aardwolf was created back in the latter half of 1996 from the efforts of a dedicated Imm staff. Designed to be everything that a MUD could be, the current Imm team still works hard to bring as many improvements to Aardwolf as possible.

Aardwolf is primarily designed to be a very friendly MUD, one with the enjoyment of its players uppermost in the Imms' minds. To this end, you can help by finding out what the rules are and adhering to them, as everyone here is expected to treat everyone else with at least some level of decorum. See <help rules>.

If you have never MUD'ed before, there are people here that have specifically been chosen for their ability to help new players. Known as Helpers, they can be found by typing <who helper active>. Feel free to drop one of them a tell if you have any questions.

There is a channel called Newbie that will allow you to pose questions to all the Helpers currently logged into the game. In addition, you may find the help file <help newhelp> of some assistance. There are also Advisors who monitor the channel and offer advice and answer general questions.

Aardwolf is a restricted Player Kill (PK) Mud, and 99% of PK'ing on Aardwolf is harmless, with no permanent death penalties. See <help pkill> and <help warfare> for more details.

All players are kept updated on the events of the MUD via the board system, which also allows discussion of ideas, general matters, clan matters etc. Try <help board>.

There are help files for almost all of the skills and spells in the game. Information can be obtained by typing <help> by itself, or <Help (subject matter)>. Also, the <index> command may prove helpful if you know the first few letters of a subject you'd like to read the help file for, but not the full name. Again, never be afraid to ask.

Although the world of Aardwolf can be bewildering at first, it is worth the effort. The Immortals and players here are very proud of this MUD. If you hang around, you'll see why.

We would love for you to connect to the world of Aardwolf. You can also keep up with us on our Twitter and Facebook pages.

Lastly, to see some of the updates and changes that have been made, try <help history>.

We sincerely hope that you enjoy the time that you spend here, and help to make it a place where others can do the same. :)

The Imm Team.