Help Pkill

Help Pk

There are a number of other ways you can fight other players:

- Become an 'open PK' player ('help OPK').
- Take part in a war ('help warfare').
- Enter the combat maze ('help combat maze').
- Challenge them to a duel ('help duel').
- At tier 3 or higher, go Hardcore ('help hardcore').

You do not suffer a 'real' death in any of these situations- no experience
or equipment is lost.

Under normal circumstances, unless they are open PK ('OPK'), players may 
only be attacked if they are in a PK based clan, in a PK-flagged room and 
within a certain level range of the attacker. 

Heroes and superheroes may only start combat with other level 200 or 201 
players. Non-hero/superhero players can attack other players based on 
their level difference and tier difference. See 'help pkrange' for more 
information on this.

There are exceptions to these normal limits, however- you may attack a
player, no matter what level, if you are defending your clan hall (see 
'help raiding'), the target is wanted (see 'help setwanted'), or you have
revenge on the target (see 'help revenge').  Traitors ('help traitor') may
be attacked by any member of their own clan, regardless of level.

When you are killed in a PK fight, you are temporarily immune to being PKed
again for a short period of time.  In exchange for this protection, you
suffer a penalty to experience gained for its duration.  You may willingly
remove this grace flag at any time; see 'help nograce'.  Looting (gold or
items) from other characters via PK is not available on Aardwolf.

It is illegal to lure players into PK fights under false pretenses- see
'help policies4'.