Help Board

Help Boards

Syntax:  forum          : Lists unread notes on subscribed boards.
        forum <name/#>  : Switches to board with given name/number.
        forum all      : Lists note counts on all subscribed boards.

The '
forum' command lists and navigates through Aardwolf's note/forum
system.  It is used in combination with the '
note' command (see 'help
note') to read notes sorted by content.  You may choose to filter this
content with the '
subscribe' command- see 'help subscribe'.

By itself, '
forum' will list any subscribed boards with unread notes, along
with the board number, name, and description of the board's contents.  You
can switch to any board by typing '
forum <number>' or 'forum <name in
', such as 'forum 1' or 'forum announce'.  Typing 'note' when there
are no new notes on a forum will automatically switch you to the next
subscribed forum with unread notes.

Of particular interest are the Announce, Mudinfo, and Personal forums.  The
Announce forum contains pertinent game information such as rules and policy
changes and updates.  The Mudinfo forum contains other game information,
such as contests, MUD-wide polls, and other minor changes.  The Personal
forum is used for things such as messages to Imms, other players, and

If you want to know what's happening in the realm of Aardwolf, reading 
the forums is a VERY good idea, and should be done as a matter of habit.

The '
board' command is a global alias for 'forum'.

See '
help note' for information on interacting with individual
notes on a forum.